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What's a Good Age Difference for Your New Asian Bride and You?

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So if you're a man seeking an Asian bride, or you're an Asian woman seeking a Western husband, then what age difference is suitable in a relationship?

Age Difference Rules

The first rule of age differences in relationships is that there are no rules! Love can be pretty vague at times. I would encourage you not to set to close an age range in your list of requirements. It would be sad to miss out on a potentially great partner just because he or she is one year older or younger than your desired age range.

If you're a man then don't think you have to find a younger wife from Asia! Plenty of guys find women their own ages, and in some cases even find a bride who is older than they are.

Having said that, most men and women seem to be happier in a relationship where the man is older than the woman.

If you're a guy and you want to know the age of the youngest girl you should date, then use this rule:

Halve your age then add seven years. This is the age of the youngest girl you should date.

The great thing about this rule is that it takes into account that older men can usually get away with a larger age difference later on in life! So a 70 year old man can easily get away with dating a 42 year old woman.

In fact in Thailand or the Philippines it's not uncommon to see 70 year old men dating 22 year old women!

If you want a much younger wife then Asia is a good place for a man to visit. But don't overlook those more mature Asian women!

How Young is Young?

The age difference you can get away with largely depends on which country you want a partner from. If you're a man seeking a Japanese wife, then you'll usually find it much easier to find a wife who is the same age as you or perhaps 2-3 years younger.

Chinese women will normally date men who are 5-10 years their senior.

If you want to find a much younger bride then the Philippines or Thailand is the best place to find her. On Asian Love Connections we have many fantastic younger ladies available for you to chat to online.

Asian Cougars and Sugar Mamas

Many Western women seem to be going through a phase of dating younger men. Women who do this are often termed cougars or sugar mamas. Increasing employment opportunities for women mean that increasingly they're the main breadwinners in a couple, so they can afford to keep a toy boy!

Asian cougars and sugar mamas are fairly rare. However, if you're into this sort of relationship then there are many wealthy single women in China.

One problem with these relationships is that they seemed to be doomed from the outset. Many Hollywood celebrity cougars have had a low success rate when it comes to maintaining these relationships. You can't buck biological trends it would seem.

Another thing to bear in mind is that on the law of averages, men live longer if they marry younger women, while women also live longer if they marry older men. Cougar beware!

So that's a bit of information about age differences. On Asian Love Connections you can find a great choice of men, women and even ladyboys to chat to, so register for free and start looking for your ideal match.

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