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Asian Beauties vs. Asian Love Connections

Asian Beauties is a widely advertised Asian dating site. On Asian Beauties you can meet Asian women from a wide range of countries, especially from China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

So is Asian Beauties any good, and what does it offer that Asian Love Connections doesn't?

Asian Beauties - Features at a Glance

On Asian Beauties you can join for free. Once a member you can browse the female profiles for free, but you have to buy credits to send emails to ladies.

Asian Beauties has thousands of profiles from ladies throughout Asia. However, they tend to be mostly from China and the Philippines. Thailand's ladies aren't as well represented on the site as you might think.

I've seen Asian Beauties advertise Japanese brides, but I've never seen any Japanese women on the site.

Since Asian Beauties add all the profiles to their site themselves, the profiles are generally of very high quality. You'll see none of the homemade photos and rather strange profile text than you will on Asian Love Connections.

The downside is that although the ladies on Asian Beauties look very beautiful, you'll soon realise that their photos have been significantly airbrushed and touched up. This is especially true of the Chinese ladies. This is very much a cultural thing, and most Chinese ladies will have photo albums of glamour shots taken at various times of their lives. Having been to China I've seen these photo studios in every town and city. They typically charge around $100 for a photo sitting.

So yes, the Asian Beauties ladies are indeed beautiful, but don't get carried away thinking that a 50 year old woman will still look like a 20 year old.


Asian Beauties should be scammer free, since all profiles are manually reviewed and uploaded by agents of the site. While it is pretty unlikely you'll come across a Nigerian romance scammer on Asian Beauties, the site does have a bit of a shady reputation. Google the site and you'll see all kinds of instances of men spending hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars on the site. Many of these men aren't even sure if the women they're talking to are real.

As to Asian Love Connections, yes there will be scammers on here, but that's just a hazard that you MUST work out for yourself when you get the idea of seeking an Asian bride.

I do my best to keep the most obvious scammers off here. You'll not find too many professional fraudsters on here. You should find this site safer than a lot of other free dating sites. But as to the ladies on Asian Love Connections - it's kind of hard to weed out the bad apples. You can help me out by:

  1. Never sending money to any girl you meet on here. If you don't send money, you won't get scammed.
  2. Reporting girls who ask for money.
  3. Using common sense! I can tell you that the prettier the girl, the more likely that she is to be a scammer. You want to date a perfect 10? You're gonna have to take some big risks, simple as that.

One good thing about Asian Beauties is that they're better at shielding their female member from jerks. And sadly, Asian Love Connections does attract a lot of jerks. Asians are not pieces of meat, so please show some respect for my female and ladyboy members.


Asian Love Connections is free!

Asian Beauties could cost you big bucks.

I'm rather astounded by the amount of money Asian Beauties charges you for chatting to Asian women.

Translation Tools

The nice thing about Asian beauties is that the site allows you to seamlessly chat to Chinese and Vietnamese ladies even if they don't speak a word of English and you know absolutely no Mandarin Chinese or Vietnamese.

Using Chnlove (a competitor of Asian Beauties) I was able to find a Chinese girlfriend and go visit her in China. And all without my speaking a word of Mandarin, and her only knowing the English she learnt in high school.

Choice of Ladies

OK, I'll come clean and say that there aren't huge numbers of Chinese women on Asian Love Connections. Maybe that's a good thing. Finding a Chinese bride is kind of hard. I know, because I've dated a lot of Chinese girls myself.

The better news is that there are thousands of lovely Filipinas with profiles on here. I don't know why you'd want to chat to them on Asian Beauties when you can chat to them for free here.

We also have many profiles of Thai and Vietnamese women. Thai brides are a great choice. Vietnamese women are some of the most beautiful you will ever see, but I'll warn you that scams are quite rife in Vietnam, and it's essential you take great care when looking for a Vietnamese wife.

One thing I will say is that Asian Beauties, Chnlove and the other letter writing sites are good places to find more mature Chinese women. These women are usually not computer literate, speak no English and so it's practically impossible for them to sign up to Chinese Love Links, China Love Match, or even Asian Love Connections. Short of going to China and doing some hard assed networking, these letter writing sites are maybe your best shot at finding a very beautiful older Chinese bride.

So, check out Asian Beauties if you want, but just be aware that it can be quite expensive. For Chinese ladies, the translation services are convenient, but for Filipinas you might be better off with the girls here.

Check Out Our Filipina Beauties

Below are just some of the beautiful Filipina girls you can chat to for free on Asian Love Connections...

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