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Asian Dating Rules - Are There Actually Any Rules?

So I was doing some research into what other people thought about dating Asian women.

A lot of Asian dating advice is pretty dubious at best, and often seems to be written by people who have neither dated an Asian person, nor have ever visited Asia. And visits to their local China Towns don't count either!

So I'll deconstruct this article: Asian Women - 8 Golden Rules.

Well I'll agree with the general theme of the article, which is that Asian wives and girlfriends are becoming popular these days.

But as to their 8 rules...

"Asian girls are able to maintain family relationships and stick to their families."

I'm not sure about this. I've seen some huge conflicts within Asian families. My Chinese ex-girlfriend abandoned her parents to go live in the USA. Now she's living the fun life. Yeah, there are quite a few Chinese women who are fed up with hard times in China, and would rather have more fun somewhere else.

"They cook delicious food..."

I'm not sure about this either. Some of the Asian women I've dated have confessed to being terrible cooks. Maybe they're being modest. Still, the good thing is that if you live with your new Asian bride in Asia then you can normally afford to eat out all the time.

"Asian women are good looking and pretty"

I don't know about this. There are plenty of plain looking women in Asia. The only thing you can say is that as a Western man in Asia, your chances of finding a more attractive woman than you would attract in your own country are considerably higher.

"They take nice care of children"

Chinese Tiger moms are famous the World over. But I'm seeing increasing signs of dysfunctional women, even in Asia. And let's not forget that in many Asian countries it's the grandparents who take care of the kids, not the parents.

"Traditionally attached and motivated"

What does this mean?

I'm not too sure about this!

I'm not even sure that it's worth seeking out the more traditional Asian women. In fact, Sam Reeves (the author of a rather good book about Chinese dating) reckons that it's the less traditional Chinese women who tend to make better brides for Western men.

"Make good wives to the husbands"

This is a sweeping generalisation. There's a heck of a lot of divorced men and women in countries like China and Thailand, so it's safe to say that there are plenty of Asian women who haven't made good wives to their husbands.

Sure, Asian guys sometimes get bad press. But you'd be naive to think that the man was the guilty party in every single marriage breakdown.

"Rarely search guys after marriage"

I don't know about that. Chinese women tend to be fairly faithful, other nationalities somewhat less so.

Many men seek younger Asian brides. This is all well and good, but if you can't keep up with your new Asian bride then she's more than likely to have some illicit liasons on the side. And remember that few men can keep up with the average Filipina's demands for sex!

"Enjoys housework"

I'm not sure about this. There are plenty of lazy women in Asia. And if you want someone to clean your house then you'll find it's a lot cheaper to employ a maid.

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