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Asian Dating Tours

Do you want an Asian wife but you think you need a little hand-holding? If so, then you might be interested in an Asian dating tour.

Companies like A Foreign Affair and Anastasia International have been organising romantic singles tours of Asia for many years.

These tours are aimed at single, usually older guys who want to find an Asian bride but want a little more help along the way.

Romance tours generally involve spending a week or two in an Asian hotel and attending a couple of social events. At the social events you'll get the chance to meet dozens (or in the case of the Filipina bride tours, hundreds) of eligible single ladies.

At the romance tour social events, facilitators and translators will be on hand to help you chat to Asian women who don't speak too much English.

The social events only last a few hours. The rest of the time you can pretty much do your own thing, although sometimes a few trips to local sites are arranged in order for you to learn about the culture of the country you're visiting.

Of course if you met any ladies you liked during the social events then you can take the opportunity to ask them out on a second or even third date.

Meeting many Asian ladies in one evening can be a great way of working out which type of Asian lady you like. Believe me; Asian ladies don't all look alike!

Needless to say, romance tours also do away with the risk of online dating and romance scammers. Sure, there's no guarantee you won't meet plenty of gold diggers and visa hunters, but then as a man you're gonna be a target for gold digging women regardless of which country they're from.

So if this all sounds good, then it is. I've not heard too many bad things said about romance tours. The problem is the cost. Romance tours from companies like A Foreign Affair are pretty darned expensive.

Are Romance Tours Worth It?

I'd say that if you have the money, and if you're not that well travelled, then romance tours are worth a look. I know that many American guys don't even own a passport. Believe me when I say that taking your first overseas trip to a wildly different country like the Philippines or China can be totally overwhelming.

I like the idea of the Philippines romance tours. In all honesty the chances of you finding your dream girl on this tour is probably close to 100%. If you can afford to then it's worth extending the tour for as long as you can, this will give you a bit more time to get to know any girls you've met during the social evening.

The Chinese tours have a big advantage - you get a translator who will help you chat to any Chinese woman you're interested in who doesn't speak English. While younger Chinese girls often study English in school, remember that before 1980 most Chinese people learnt Russian as a second language, and that's if there was any school to go to in the first place!

I'll be honest and say that if you went on a Chinese romance tour then you're not guaranteed to find the girl of your dreams. This reflects the fact that it is simply more difficult to find a Chinese wife compared to a Philippines wife. Chinese women are simply pickier, and Chinese women who date Western men are often from the middle to upper tiers of Chinese society. They're great catches, but you'll have to work a whole lot harder to impress them.

Make Your Own Asian Dating Tour!

So romance tours are interesting, but they're sure as hell expensive!

Can you make up your own romance tour? This is something I have done, and many other guys have done.

Basically you need to choose the country you want to visit, pick a city, then search away on dating sites for women to visit while you're there.

First of all choose a country whose women you like. Here the obvious choices are the Philippines, Thailand or China.

There are many beautiful Filipinas on Asian Love Connections. If you want to visit some of them then I recommend picking some ladies from a major city like Manila or Cebu. Both have regular connecting flights from Hong Kong.

Ah, flights. It's pretty darned important that you choose a location that you can get to quite conveniently. If you live near a major airport hub then so much the better.

It's also a good idea to find a city you're interested in visiting, and then stick to it. I've chosen Guangzhou in Southern China. It's easy to get to from Hong Kong, which is itself a major airport hub. It's also one of the more Westerner friendly cities in Asia, thanks to its position as a major trade center. It's also got a lot of tourist sites (great if you're planning dates), and a metro system that will take you from the airport terminal to all over town.

When it comes to booking your own personal romance tour, try a site like Expedia - it's often hard to price match their flight and hotel packages. They also have a wide range of hotels in any Asian city you care to think of, from Anshan to Zhuhai.

When booking a personal romance tour, longer is usually better. So try to go for at least a fortnight.

In a fortnight you should be able to meet at least 3-4 ladies, so start drawing up that shortlist.

By all means go to visit just a single lady. But this can be a little like putting all your eggs into a single basket. You're spending a lot of money on visiting Asia, so always have some reserve ladies. For this reason I recommend you visit a larger city with plenty of single ladies in it. Visit Cebu, Davao, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Wuhan or another city and you're never going to struggle to find a date!

Remember to take a laptop or netbook computer with you so you can log into Asian Love Connections or another dating site while you're in Asia. While I was in China I managed to arrange two dates through Chinese Love Links simply by logging in and seeing who had a free lunchtime or afternoon!

Lengthier Asian Dating Tours of Duty...

I've been living in the UK while searching for an Asian wife. I've been at it for three years now. Believe me when I say that it's an incredibly hard way to search for a wife.

My major problem is time. I only get enough time off my job to be able to go to Asia two or maybe three times a year. While I'm back in the UK I can search on dating sites to find some women I'd like to visit in Asia. But for all the preparation in the World, it is pretty hard to determine if you're gonna like a girl in real life.

So I'll always recommend this:

If you want an Asian wife, go and live in Asia for 6 months or more.

Save up some cash. Rent out your house. Go take a sabbatical. You'll find that if you can spend several months in Asia then you'll be able to find the best possible Asian bride for you.

It's not too hard to spend time in Asia. For low cost of living try somewhere like Chiang Mai in Thailand, or pretty much anywhere in the Philippines.

China is also very affordable, but it's better to choose the so-called 2nd or 3rd tier cities. I like Chengdu on account of its major international hub airport and beautiful, beautiful Sichuan girls.

If you need to make a little cash in Asia in order to subsidise your time out there then here are some ideas:

  • English teaching is always an option, particularly in China, and maybe also in Thailand. It's easier to teach English if you're a native English speaker and have a university degree. Try to get a TEFL certificate before you go, or if you can afford it, a CELTA qualification.
  • If you work in IT, or you have a white collar skill like marketing or translation, then sign up to oDesk and find work on there.
  • If you have a niche skill then you might be able to work in Asia. For example, Western models are always in demand in Japan or South Korea, and a catering background might get you a chef's job somewhere. Just bear in mind that it's hard to get a visa that will allow you to work in Asia, especially in countries like China or the Philippines.
  • Get an education! You'll find that many Universities in China have teaching programmes conducted in English. If you have a managerial background, then why not apply to an MBA programme from a Chinese university? Many Chinese universities also have Chinese language programmes that will allow you to learn Chinese - a valuable skill to have when it comes to dating the local women!

So as you can see, romance tours are worth considering if you want some help in finding an Asian bride. They can be expensive, however, so going it alone can be a much cheaper solution.

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