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Asian Languages and How to Find an Asian Bride if You Don't Speak Her Language!

At Asian Love Connections you can chat to Asian girls for free. On our site we have many women from countries including China, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Asian women are awesome, and is you want a fabulously exotic bride then Asia is where you need to look for her. Sadly, it's not all plain sailing. The language barrier is one major problem, and it's what I want to address in this article.

As a guy who's also looking for his own Asian wife, I've already had plenty of problems with the language barrier. My first Asian girlfriend was from a small city in China (by small I mean a population of just 4 million!), and she only spoke what I'd say to be high school level English.

We got by, but it was almighty hard work at times.

So here are a few ideas for crushing the language barrier...

Head to the Philippines

The most obvious solution is to head for the Philippines. English is much more widely spoken in the Philippines than elsewhere in Asia.

The majority of Filipino members of Asian Love Connections can speak basic English. You'll actually find that their spoken English is much better than their written English. So fire up that webcam and get chatting to them on Skype or MSN.

Unfortunately Filipinos tend not to write such good English. In fact they tend to write BAD ENGLISH. This is due to the fact that English is the 2nd or 3rd tongue for the majority of

Filipinos (behind Tagalog, Cebuano or a local dialect), and the fact that English grammar and spelling take a lot of time to master. To make matters worse, Filipino English has diverged quite significantly from British or American English. Not that it was ever close to the Queen's English in the first place, as the first English speakers to reach the Philippines weren't the most highly skilled of linguists.

Bad English is actually thought to be the fastest growing language on the planet. Thanks to mobile phones and iPADs soon the whole world will be communicating in a combination of text speak and bad English.

Thankfully if you're a native English speaker then you'll usually be able to figure out what a Filipino person is trying to write in English. It's not too hard to guess what these ladies want in their ideal match:

i am simple woman loving caring honest sencere faithful and responsible woman
responsible.. gud person.. kind and loving.. understanding also..
caring,loving,non smoker,dont drink alcoholic,family man,honest and loyal to her gurl someday

Only Date English Speaking Ladies

If you're not looking for a Filipino bride, then why not look for English speaking ladies from other countries, like Thailand, Vietnam or China?

English speaking ladies are somewhat rarer in these countries, but they do exist.

The best English speakers tend to be well educated and from the middle-upper reaches of society in these countries. These ladies tend not to be marrying for money, but rather they can often find it hard to find their intellectual equals in their own country.

The good English speakers also have quite high expectations of their future husbands, and they'll definitely not consider themselves to be mail order brides. In fact there are some very wealthy English speakers in countries like China. And yes, they do sign up to online dating sites. Date one of these ladies and you might become a mail order husband so to speak.

For the best choice of English speaking Asian women, head for either Chinese Love Links or China Love Match. Chinese Love Links is very popular indeed. However, a big secret of Chinese dating is that China Love Match has the better quality ladies. How do I know? Because I've actually dated Chinese women from both sites!

Here are some of the best English speaking ladies on Asian Love Connections...

Use Translator Based Websites

The first Chinese girl I dated spoke very little English.

So how did we communicate?

This was easy, because we met through the Chnlove dating site. Chnlove has a built in translator system. What happens is that you send a message to a girl you like the look of, then a real person translates your English into Chinese, then the girl's response is translated back into English and posted back to your online mailbox.

The system works really well, and I used it to arrange to meet the girl in her city. This could have been near impossible had we both met on a dating site without a professional translation facility.

On the downside, Chnlove is a little expensive as you're paying each time you send or receive a letter from a Chinese lady. But if you've got more time than money, then Chnlove is still the best place to find very hot Chinese women who don't speak a lot of English.

Hire a Language Translator!

If you want to have more control over your translation costs, then why not hire your own translator?

A great place to find a translator for hire is oDesk. This is where I found the translators who translated Asian Love Connections into a number of different languages. I got the entire site translated into a different language for $30. That was using the top rated translators - less experienced translators are even cheaper.

On oDesk you can either pay a translator an hourly rate, or negotiate a fixed price for the work.

Get Learning Those Asian Languages!

If you're serious about your search for an Asian wife, then I can recommend you start learning an Asian language or two as soon as you can.

Even if you end up dating the good English speakers, you'll find that mastering your prospective wife's native tongue will be very useful indeed.

Learning a few words of another language is also a huge icebreaker when you go on dates. I've had a lot of success with impressing my dates with my ability to come out with a few words and phrases in their own language. Women love this kind of stuff.

I found that my local University ran courses in Mandarin Chinese, so that's where I learnt the basics. With the tonal languages (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese) it's good to learn the language from a real person rather than from an online resource or language podcast.

As to the difficulty of learning the Asian languages, I've actually found Mandarin Chinese easier than I expected. There aren't nearly so many words to learn as there are in English, and sentence structure is very simple. In addition, there are no tenses, no plurals, and no masculine/feminine forms (if you've ever attempted to learn French, you'll know all about these!).

Learning to read Chinese is easier than you might expect. There's a law of diminishing returns when it comes to memorising the characters. Only learn the 100 most frequently used characters and you'll be able to read a lot of Chinese street signs and food menus.

I'd say that Thai and Vietnamese are also not impossible to learn. I hired a translator to make Asian Love Connections available in both of these languages. While the Thai written language is incomprehensible to me, the Vietnamese language looked easier to understand. In fact while I was adding the translations to the site I began to understand the meaning of quite a few Vietnamese words.

So those are a few ideas for communicating with Asian women even if they don't speak much English. To summarise this rather long article:

  • Filipino women have the best general understanding of English.
  • Educated Chinese women often speak fluent English, but they can afford to be very choosy about who they'll date. If you're up for the challenge, your best bet is to join China Love Match.
  • As soon as you know which country's women you like the best, start learning the main language of that country (Mandarin Chinese for China, Vietnamese for Vietnam, Thai for Thailand, and Tagalog for the Philippines).
  • If you can't be bothered to learn Mandarin Chinese, Chnlove makes it effortlessly easy to chat to non-English speaking Chinese women.

Good luck!

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