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Online Dating of Cambodian Women

Asian wives are ever popular. Just lately I've noticed a trend of increasing numbers of men seeking Asian brides from more exotic locations. By this I mean outside of the traditional bride seeking countries of Thailand and the Philippines.

Vietnamese brides are certainly becoming very popular, and Asian Love Connections has profiles from a number of Vietnamese single women.

Finding Cambodian Women Online

The problem of finding a Cambodian wife is that there aren't great numbers of Cambodian women online. I advertise Asian Love Connections throughout Asia. According to Google, there are only some 35,000 users of Google's services in Cambodia. That's significantly less than the Philippines (2.88 million) or Vietnam (3.29 million). In fact it's a lot less than there are in just one medium-sized Chinese city (200,000 in Wuhan).

These figures are borne out by the number of Cambodian women I've spotted on the major dating sites. On DateInAsia I counted only 146 Cambodian women. This is out of a claimed user base of over one million members.

So your online dating choices are pretty limited as far as Cambodian women go. If you're serious about finding a Cambodian bride then it's probably better to find a wife through mutual friends and word of mouth. The best way of doing this is to spend 6 months or more in Cambodia. Get to make friends in the local area then you'll have an unlimited supply of attractive female friends of friends to meet!

The good news is that Cambodia is one of the cheapest places to live in Asia, so you could easily get by on less than $1000 a month. In fact, many guys claim they can live in a country like Cambodia for less than $500 a month (but don't expect Western style comfort for that).

Alternatives to Cambodian Women

Vietnamese women are fairly similar to Cambodian women. At Asian Love Connections we do have a number of Vietnamese women registered on the site.

The problem with Vietnamese dating is that scams are rife in Vietnam. I'm not suggesting any of our Vietnamese members are scammers, but you need to take care all the same.

Thailand is a good alternative to Cambodia. Thai women are online in significant numbers. On Asian Love Connections, Thai women are the second most numerous on the site behind Filipino women (check out these statistics for more details).

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