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Chinese Brides - A Good Choice for an Asian Wife?

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If you're a man interested in finding an Asian bride then this article delves into some of the issues surrounding Chinese brides. I myself have been on a number of trips to China in order to meet Chinese ladies I've contacted through various online dating sites.

It's hard work, it's expensive, but is looking for a Chinese bride worthwhile?


Chinese Women 101

First of all it's worth stating that Chinese women are a bit of a mystery to many men.

Western men are often familiar with Thai women (from vacations in Thailand), or with Japanese women (from adult movies with an Asian theme!).

Since China was largely closed to the World before 1979, there's still a lot of things people don't know about China. Most Americans think China is a repressive Communist regime. In fact on my visits to different parts of China I've found it to be the most ruthlessly capitalist country I've ever visited.

Advantages of Chinese Brides

China has a population of over 1.3 billion people. That's over ten times the population of neighboring Japan. Add in all the people of Chinese descent who live in other Asian countries like Malaysia and the Philippines and you'll get even greater numbers.

As a consequence there's a vast pool of Chinese women to choose from if you want to find a Chinese bride.

Chinese women can be very attractive. They're often taller than women from Thailand or the Philippines. Since China encompasses such a vast geographical region, you'll also find that Chinese women are quite variable in appearance. They certainly don't all look the same!

Chinese ladies have many good habits that Western men like. Or to put it another way, they don't have many of the bad habits that Western women are so keen on these days. Chinese ladies rarely smoke or drink alcohol. They're not really into getting large tattoos printed all over their bodies. They also really look after their bodies, from eating well and avoiding too much junk food to keeping out of the sun wherever possible.

The result of all that is that it's not uncommon to see Chinese ladies who look 10 or more years younger than their true age. And I can tell you that never mind some of the Chinese women I've dated - their moms have been pretty hot too!

Problems with Chinese Brides

Chinese brides aren't without their own particular set of problems. These problems are chiefly to do with language, cultural differences and money.

Language Issues

The language barrier is a significant problem for men from the USA, Europe and Australia who are interested in finding a Chinese bride.

Happily, younger Chinese women often speak reasonable English these days. English is widely taught in school, and good English speakers are assured of a better career path in China.

I've personally dated a number of Chinese women, and it was much easier to visit those who spoke good English. I know that American and Canadian men often prefer to find Chinese wives who speak little to know English. But don't worry - I've found the English speakers just as exotic as the non-English speakers.

If you're serious about finding a Chinese bride then I recommend that you spend a little bit of time and effort learning Mandarin Chinese. Find a course at your local University or adult education center. It's also surprisingly easy to learn some of the written language. While writing the characters takes a lot of time and dedication, reading is somewhat easier. Learn the 100 most commonly occurring characters, and you'll be able to have a good stab at reading food menus and navigating round cities using maps and street signs.

And I'll also point out that knowing how to say a few words of Mandarin or being able to type some Chinese characters will make you VERY popular with Chinese ladies!

Cultural Differences

Be aware that there are major cultural differences between China and the West. I'm not talking about communism or diplomacy. If you're interested in finding a Chinese wife then you need to know about the major differences when it comes to raising children and caring for elderly relatives.

So it's a good idea to read all you can about China and its people. The Chinese dating guide has many more articles about Chinese women.

Money, Money, Money...

About the biggest mistake Western men make when choosing Chinese brides is to underestimate the importance of money to Chinese people. If you've got money then you've got no problems! But if you're short of cash then a Chinese woman might not be the best choice of Asian bride for you.

That's not to say that Chinese women are gold-diggers. In fact you'll find many Chinese women on dating sites who have more money than you do. Not all Chinese women are interested in shopping and spending your money - far from it.

But money is often at the heart of decisions made by a Chinese family, so bear this in mind before you start searching for an Asian wife from China.

It's also fairly expensive to find a Chinese bride. China is more expensive to visit than either Thailand or the Philippines. Due to the language and cultural differences it could also take you much longer to find a Chinese bride than a bride from either the Philippines or Thailand.

If you want to find an Asian bride but your finances aren't in great shape, then I can recommend that you check out the many beautiful Thai and Filipina ladies with profiles on Asian Love Connections.

But if you still want to find your own beautiful Chinese bride then sign up to Asian Love Connections and get searching for your very special Chinese lady.

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