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Choosing Dating Site Members Worth Talking To

Hi, I'm Brett and I'm the owner and developer of Asian Love Connections.

As well as running a dating site, I've also spent a fair bit of time looking for women to meet on dating sites.

So if you're a guy seeking an Asian bride, then who should YOU contact first on a dating site?

Make a Shortlist!

If you're living in the USA, Canada, Western Europe or Australia, then I'm assuming you want to meet Asian women in Asia at some point.

So it's a good idea to draw up a shortlist, especially if your time in Asia is gonna be limited.

I recommend you find 3-4 women to add to your shortlist.

It's a good idea that they live close to each other. In fact it's even better if you choose where you want to visit, then choose ladies who live there.

One top tip is to have a good idea of which country's ladies you like best. Visiting ladies from many countries is expensive, and you'll find it very hard to get to know the language and culture from a wide range of Asian countries.

Destination Recommendations

If you're interested in Filipino women then I recommend Cebu. It's less hectic than Manila, and there are plenty of women to visit. If you have a month or more to spend in the Philippines then by all means visit one of the less well known areas.

For Chinese women I really like Guangzhou. It's full of educated, English speaking ladies, and is a fantastic tourist destination in its own right. If beauty is important to you, then head to Changsha, the biggest city in Hunan Province. As a Westerner, you'll be gigantically popular with the ladies in this sprawling city. For some reason, more Western men seem to pick Chinese brides from Hunan Province than anywhere else in China.

For Thailand Bangkok is obviously the most convenient place to visit. However, I feel drawn to Chiang Mai. This is a more relaxed city, living costs are very low, plus it's full of very beautiful women! 5 months living in Bangkok and the quality of lady I met there was, well, pretty dire. So check out Chiang Mai.

Selecting Ladies to Visit

The choice of ladies to chat to on a dating site is often bewildering. However, based on my experience you need to ignore all of the following:

  • Ladies with no photos on their profile.
  • Ladies who just write 2-3 words in their descriptions.

Both of these categories of lady are probably not serious about finding a partner. Since dating sites are free to join, many ladies sign up just because their friends signed up, or they're mulling over their options for finding a partner from another country.


There's another category of lady you should avoid, and that is anyone who is one nationality but working in another country.

Sure, there are many fabulous Filipinas working in Dubai, just as there are an increasing number of Chinese women now making a living in Africa.

The problem is that there are just too many scammers living in these locations.

Running a dating site, I have a busy time keeping the scammers off the site. I'll recommend that unless you actually live there, that you don't chat to anyone from Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. Be suspicious of members from the Middle East.

Asian scammers are also very common, and I recommend you don't chat to any members from Malaysia, Vietnam or Indonesia unless you have some sort of connection with that country, or you're prepared to put in the extra effort you'll need to find a partner from one of these countries.

You'll be pleased to know that Asian Love Connections does show the location of all of its members, as well as the nationality they claim to be. It's reasonably accurate, but it's not fool-proof. Make use of this facility!

Interesting Ladies

Beyond this, have a good read of what a lady has put in her profile. I've always liked ladies whose personalities have been interesting, and whose profiles look different to the other ladies on the dating site I've been using.

At this stage I'll recommend that you don't fall in love with any of the ladies you start chatting to. Save the falling in love for when you meet in person. That way you'll avoid a lot of disappointment should you meet your dream girl in person and realise there's no chemistry there. By keeping a certain emotional distance you'll also be a lot less vulnerable to girls asking you for money.

At the same time it's worth making sure the girls you're chatting to aren't already planning their marriages to you before you've even met. It's a good idea to drop subtle hints that you're planning on visiting several ladies. Don't get drawn into conversations as to which one's your favorite, and what you like or don't like about a particular lady.

Even if you only plan on meeting a single lady in Asia, it's always good to have a backup plan. The lady you're planning on meeting might get cold feet at the last moment. Or there might be some sort of domestic emergency that means she can't meet you after all.

A good plan is to take a laptop or netbook computer with you to Asia. Then you can log into Asian Love Connections while you're in Asia and look for women to meet while you're abroad.

So that was a look at how to choose women to chat to on Asian Love Connections. Sign up today and get chatting to our members!

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I am , the owner of Asian Love Connections. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, and have dated a number of Asian women.

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