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Dating An Asian Guy

Asian Love Connections offers 100% free online dating. We're open to new members from any country. However, it's perhaps no secret that our largest user base are Asian women seeking Western husbands.

If you're a woman seeking an Asian guy then you'll also find plenty of Asian men here as well. Unlike well known sites like Asian Beauties or Foreign Ladies we're not focussed on finding mail order brides for Western men.

At Asian Love Connections, you'll find plenty of Asian guys registered. In many cases they're really interested in meeting foreign women, or other Asian women.

Good Dating Odds... If You're a Woman

Sadly our male members don't always get much interest from women in their own country. Many Asian women are seeking foreign husbands. So send our male members an interest or an email and they'll love to chat to you.

It's also worth mentioning that a lot of Asian countries have a gender imbalance. This means there are often much more men than women. This is particularly acute in countries like South Korea and China. If you're a Western woman who likes Asian dudes, then these countries offer some great opportunities for you. Japan is another option, although for Japanese men I'd highly recommend that you join Japan Cupid.

Why Date Asian Guys?

I guess there are three main reasons why you'd want to date an Asian guy:

  • You think Asian guys are cute.
  • You want to find a top quality husband of a better calibre than you could hope to attract back in your own country.
  • You like Asian culture.

I guess in this respect, women who date Asian men might not be too different to guys who marry Asian brides.

Of course there are other reasons, with beautiful mixed babies being another great reason for marrying an Asian man.

One thing to be careful of is dating Asian men because you're through with dating Western men. This has elements of the grass is greener syndrome. I'll point out that Asian men have many flaws, and once you've done a lot of international dating you'll eventually realise that men are pretty much the same whichever country they're from.

Where are the Best Asian Men?

Rich Asian men and alpha male types are more common in Japan, South Korea and China. However, there are successful men in all Asian countries, so you might also want to consider Hong Kong, Singapore, and even Thailand or the Philippines. Below is a map showing where some of our male members are from:

Scammer Men

Please be aware that scammers operate on most dating sites these days. I do my best to weed out the most obvious scammers, but remember this site is free, and I can't offer sophisticated anti-fraud systems for a $0 membership fee. Actually, I will point out that large dating sites also have big problems with scammers. I personally know of two women who were approached by scam men on Chinese Love Links.

Also be aware that women are increasingly targeted by dating site scammers. Scammers are very good at playing with women's emotions, and women often make easier targets.

Having said that, there are some great guys on Asian Love Connections and other Asian dating sites. But just make sure you don't lose your mind and go Western Unioning all your life savings to an Asian guy - particularly if you've never met him.

Scammers come from most countries, but in terms of Asian men you need to be particularly careful of Malaysian and Vietnamese men. I've had problems with men from both of these countries. As a result, the Trust Level this site displays for men from these countries will be rather low.

Meet Our Asian Guys!

Here are just some of the Asian guys who are members of Asian Love Connections. Register for free and you can chat to these guys, as well as many more whose profiles you can only view once you become a member.

Don't worry, unlike other Asian dating sites we're 100% free whether you're a man or a woman.

So sign up today and see if a cute Asian guy is who's missing in your life.

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I am , the owner of Asian Love Connections. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, and have dated a number of Asian women.

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