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Dating Chinese Ladies at Asian Love Connections

Asian Love Connections is a 100% free Asian dating site. Join and you can get chatting to 1000's of hot Asian women from a wide range of Asian countries.

So where are the Chinese women?

I must admit I'm disappointed with the number of Chinese ladies who have registered on Asian Love Connections so far. It's proving quite tricky to get them to sign up and register accounts.

Chinese Ladies - The Problems Begin...

Maybe the absence of Chinese ladies on Asian Love Connections is no bad thing. I'm speaking from experience here when I say that dating Chinese women is not without problems. These problems include:

  • China is tricky to visit - you normally need to apply for a Visa before you can be allowed into China, and the Visa will cost you over $100. It's also quite difficult to visit some of the more rural places in China.
  • Not many Chinese ladies speak English, and the language barrier is significant. Years ago I travelled around Hong Kong with an Australian guy I met in the middle of nowhere. We got hopelessly lost, and trying to ask for directions from the local Cantonese speakers was absolutely impossible. It's much easier if you get lost in France, Germany or Spain where at least many words are similar to English.
  • Chinese ladies tend to be quite picky about their choice of husband. They're generally a lot more choosy than Thai or Filipino women. If you want a much younger wife, or a mega-hot wife (or both!) then you'll have a lot more luck in the Philippines or maybe in Vietnam.
  • Chinese ladies can be quite demanding, especially if you're gonna start a family with her. Once your babies are borned, she'll probably turn into a Tiger Mom and you'll be sent out to work all hours in order to provide a decent upbringing for your kids.
  • Chinese ladies can be quite fierce, especially those from Shanghai and Hubei and Sichuan Provinces. Yikes!

Chinese Ladies on Asian Love Connections

Here are some of the Chinese ladies with profiles on Asian Love Connections. Register first in order to contact them.

Alternatives to Chinese Ladies

On Asian Love Connections we have many ladies from a wide range of Asian countries.

Philippines ladies are by far the most numerous here. They're warm and friendly, and they pretty much all speak and write some English.

Thai ladies have mild temperments and usually make terrific brides for Western men. On top of that Thailand is a wonderful place to visit for a vacation. You might even want to find a lovely lady and retire there with her. Of all the countries in Asia, Thailand is the most welcoming for foreign retirees.

Vietnamese ladies are becoming increasingly popular. The weather is good, the cost of living is low, and the language is marginally easier to grasp than either Thai or Mandarin Chinese. Vietnamese ladies also look fairly similar to Chinese ladies, especially those from the Southern Provinces like Yunnan, Guangxi and Guangdong.

If you still like the idea of finding a Chinese wife, then it's worth signing up to as many different dating sites as you can. In addition to Asian Love Connections, also try Chinese Love Links, Blossoms and China Love Match. I've dated women from each of these sites, and this is what I found:

Enjoy your Asian dating experience, whether you choose Chinese ladies or ladies from another country in Asia.