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Discreet Online Dating of Asian Ladyboys

If my web server statistics are anything to go by, then ladyboy dating and ladyboys in particular are of gigantic interest to men...

It's just that few men would like to admit to their fascination for ladyboys!

I've noticed a few guys signing up to Asian Love Connections in order to look for ladyboys to chat to.

A few guys seem quite shy and nervous about ladyboy dating, so here's my take on the whole subject:

First of all if you want to be discreet about things, then sign up to Asian Love Connections and on the My Preferences page change the My profile visibility (anyone) to Hidden. This will ensure that nobody can find your profile through an Internet search engine - somebody would have to register for the site first.

I'll point out that nobody knows you're here unless you tell them or they find your browsing history. If you're browing this site at work then remember your employers might have some sort of proxy server that can record employees' site visits.

If you're using a computer at home then most web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome have an In Private mode. Use this and anyone else using your computer will find it very hard to discover which websites you've been visiting.

At the end of your session, remember to use the Logout link at the top of the screen.

If someone else can potentially access your email, you can also visit My Preferences and turn off all the emailing from this site.

Profile Photos

Quite a few members never upload a photo to this site. I never approve profiles with a photo. Consequently you might not be able to contact the other members.

Now I fully understand why you might be hesitant to upload a photo. However, it's been my experience of online dating sites that members without profile photos are often either not seriously looking, or they're scammers.

Sadly I've so far caught more male than female scammers on Asian Love Connections. So to protect my female and ladyboy members I won't ever approve a profile that doesn't have a photo.

Ladyboy Dating 101

There's a fair bit of stigma about dating ladyboys. For this reason I can understand why guys are nervous about admitting their desire to have a relationship with a ladyboy.

Don't worry though - this is a problem all of us face if we have relationships with Asian ladyboys or indeed Asian women. I've been dating Asian women for over three years now. During this time I've had to ditch a lot of so-called friends who were hostile to the idea of my dating gorgeous Asian women! You might experience the same. Don't worry though, because in the course of my search for a partner from Asia I have met loads of new friends and acquaintances.

It's been my experience that it's better not to carry secrets around with you. You'll often find that the more open you are the better.

By the way, an interest in ladyboys does NOT mean you're gay. Again, from my website statistics I'd say it was quite rare to find a man who wasn't interested in ladyboys. Meeting a ladyboy should probably be on that list of 100 things to do before you die. It's sure gonna be more fun than riding in a hot air balloon or riding a camel.

If you want a longer term relationship with a ladyboy then I recommend you move to a transsexual friendly country. Western Europe is pretty progressive these days. In particular, Germany and the Nordic countries are especially good places. And here in the UK the civil partnerships act means it's possible to enter into a long term relationship with someone of any sex.

But there's no getting away from the fact that if you like ladyboys then you're better off living in Asia on a long term basis. Either Thailand or the Philippines are ideal destinations. Malaysia also has a significant ladyboy population, but due to the large number of Internet scams originating from there, online Malaysian ladyboy dating is higher risk.

Thailand's ladyboys are of course famous the World over. Don't overlook the Philippines. The cost of living is generally lower, and there's a fabulous choice of potential partners to meet out there. What's more, many Filipino ladyboys speak reasonable English, so you don't have the nightmare of trying to learn half a dozen words of Thai.

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