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Meet Filipinas from the Middle East

Asian Love Connections offers 100% free world-wide Asian dating.

Many of our female members are from the Philippines. A large number of Filipinos work overseas. There are large numbers of Philippines women living and working in the Middle East.

Asian Love Connections is a great dating site to use if you're interested in finding a Filipina girlfriend or wife from one the following countries:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates (including Dubai)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar

Why Are Filipinas Popular?

Filipinas have a reputation for being fun and great company to be with. Of all the Asian women in Asia, Filipinas are probably by far the most fun loving.

A good advantage of Filipinas over other Asian women is that they're much more likely to be good English speakers. While Chinese women are very attractive, they don't often speak English. I dated a Chinese girl who didn't speak much English - it was hard work at times!

While most Filipinas are Christians, it is possible to find Filipinas who are also Muslims. Check out Filipino Cupid for a great selection of Filipino women who are also Muslims.

Meet Our Filipinas from the Middle East

Below are just some of the lovely Middle Eastern Filipinas you can send interests and emails to if you sign up to Asian Love Connections. Join our community for free today and find out why so many men are choosing to find top quality Asian girlfriends at Asian Love Connections.

luna, 36

LADYeuna, 33

dums, 37

anika, 39

jhenny, 37

Jhul_yhet, 30

jerrylane, 34

charline, 33

yanna, 40

Goodgirl, 40

cela, 39

ellie, 37

abcd, 36

sweet26, 33

gwen, 32

nanz, 40

tahani, 33

Ridel, 40

CUTE, 36

looveless, 28

simplelala, 39

shezee, 32

missamleth, 32

margs, 37

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