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10 Signs a Dating Site Member is Serious About Finding Love

Hi, I'm Brett and welcome to Asian Love Connections.

On Asian Love Connections you can chat to many new people from all over the world. But if you're marriage minded, then how do you know the people whose profiles you're looking at are serious about finding a partner?

Here are five quick checks you can make to help determine if they're seriously looking for love...

1. They Have Uploaded a Photo

When I used other Asian dating sites like Filipino Cupid or DateInAsia I was always puzzled as to why there were so many members without photos in their profiles.

For a while I thought they were scammers, or just people too shy to upload a photo.

Now I realise that many people don't upload a photo because they're not sure about finding a partner on the site.

So it has been my experience that it's best to avoid any of the members on Asian Love Connections or another Asian dating site who hasn't uploaded a photo.

2. They Have Uploaded a Good Photo!

On the subject of photos, ignore any member who haven't uploaded a photo of themselves. I've seen a few Asian Love Connections new members uploading photos of flowers or animals. At some point I'll remove their profiles, as they're obviously not serious about finding a partner. If you do see any members with these types of photos then just ignore these members.

3. They Have Logged in Recently

Asian Love Connections shows you when a member registered, and when they last logged into the site.

Usually people who are serious about finding a partner will log into a dating site at least once a week. More commonly they'll log in every day.

Just be a little wary of members who always seem to be logged into the site - maybe they're scammers, or are looking for a perfect match.

4. They Wrote Something in their Profile

Asian Love Connections allows members to write a little bit about themselves in their profiles. Members who have taken time to fill this out could well be more serious about finding a partner on the site.

Just bear in mind that if someone's first language isn't English, then they might have trouble filling in these fields.

5. They Added their Requirements

Another good sign is if somebody has filled in their requirements for their match. So if you see someone seeking a man between 25 and 35 then they've obviously taken time to think of their potential parter they want to meet on the site.

6. They Added their "No" List

One good sign somebody is genuinely thinking about a relationship is if they write a list of characteristics and traits they don't want in a partner. So look for people who say "no smokers", "no drinkers" or something else.

Just be careful of members who appear too picky. They might have been hurt in the past, or they might just be too demanding. Women are usually much more picky than men.

7. Their Trust Score is Good

Asian Love Connections assigns each member a trust score. It's worth taking a look at this score, because the higher the score the better quality the member's profile is judged to be.

You'll also find that if you're marriage minded, users with a higher trust score could be considered better marriage material.

Now I'm not gonna suggest that a website can work out if a person is going to be a good husband or wife for you, but it's another factor to take into consideration.

8. Age

I review all the profiles on this site. I've certainly noticed that men below the age of 25 aren't particularly marriage minded. Women tend to be more marriage minded from an earlier age. If you're marriage minded then don't seek a partner who is too young.

9. They Send You a Personalised Email

Obviously if somebody emails you or sends you interest then you know they're probably serious about chatting to you. So this is a good sign.

What's a really good sign is if somebody sends you an email that mentions something in your own profile. This shows they've taken the trouble to actually read your profile, so they could be very interested in you! Make sure you reply to their email if you think you like them too.

10. They Pay for Membership of a Dating Site

Asian Love Connections is free, which is something of a bad thing for a dating site. I'd like to introduce some sort of premium membership at some point. This is because if somebody pays for something, then you know they're much more serious about using it.

Dating sites often cost upwards of $20 a month for membership. So somebody who pays this is likely to be serious about finding a partner.

So these are 10 ways of ensuring the people whose profiles you look at on Asian Love Connections are genuinely seeking a marriage partner. Good luck with your online dating experience!

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