What are some common dating site scams? Here are a load of scams we've foiled on Asian Love Connections!

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Free Asian Dating Sites - Are They Any Good?

At Asian Love Connections we offer 100% free Asian dating to anyone. We're different from the other sites that normally let ladies register for free, then hit men with big monthly fees for contacting the ladies on the site.

On this site, both men and women can chat for free.

So what's the catch? Why aren't more dating sites free?

First of all, it's expensive to build a dating site. I built Asian Love Connections from scratch. If you were to buy a site of this sophistication it would cost you several thousand dollars. Sure, you can buy a so-called white label dating site script, but these are on the whole pretty basic. If your site looks like 1000 other dating sites then you haven't got much in the way of a unique selling point either.

If you build it they will come...

Well this saying might be true in theory, but there are a lot of dating sites out there these days. Gone are the days when you could build a dating site and attract one million members on the strength of word of mouth alone. These days it costs money to advertise a site in order to ensure there's enough members to make it all worthwhile.

Dating sites also cost money to maintain. Web hosting costs money, and dating sites take up a lot of expensive resources in terms of disk space (storing member photos), database space (storing profiles) and bandwidth (sending all those profiles to people browsing the site).

It also costs money to police the site and take down fake profiles and close scammer accounts.

Scammers, Scammers, Scammers

Ah yes, it's not long before we get to the subject of romance scammers.

The main problem with free dating sites is that they're really popular with scammers.

I'd estimate that over 50% of the computer code on this site is there to detect and keep out the scammers and fraudsters. It's a big job.

Don't think that scammers are only on free dating sites though. Far from it. The problem with free dating sites is that they're not often good places to find rich victims. Scammers really love the expensive dating sites like eHarmony or Match.com because they know that if somebody can spend around $30 a month on a dating site membership then they're likely to have a bit of money they can be scammed out of.

Search Google and you'll see just as many people complaining about scammers on the expensive, well known dating sites.

Other Types of Free Dating Site Members

I see patterns in the behaviour of members who sign up to dating sites. On Asian Love Connections and other sites, you'll find these types of member:

Just Lookin'

These members might be considering finding a partner, but they're just having a look to see what's out there.

These members aren't usually worth bothering with.

Thankfully they're easy to spot. They don't usually upload photos to their profile. They won't fill out many of their details (e.g. they'll leave their height and weight blank). They probably won't fill out their profile either.

At Asian Love Connections members like this are assigned a very low Trust Level. They'll also appear low down the search results, so you're much less likely to come across their profiles.

Party Animals

I'm not sure what I should really call these members. Suffice to say that they're usually below the age of 30 and are looking for sex.

If you're after the same, then these members might be worth seeking out. But if you're marriage minded then they're the very worst members you should be contacting.

These members don't usually write too much in their profile. They often upload photos, and if they're female the photos can sometimes be quite sexy.

Money Lookers

I like to make the distinction between money lookers and outright scammers.

Scammers are often part of organised crime networks. There is big money in scamming people online. The other day I learnt that my former employer's phone exchange got hacked and that somebody somewhere in the World had made a few thousand dollars from redirecting phone calls to premium rate numbers.

If you've got money, then there are thousands of ruthless people out there who want to take it away from you.

By contrast, money lookers usually work on their own.

Money lookers are often single moms who need money to raise their kids. Obviously there are quite a lot of these on Asian dating sites. Single moms are very common in the Philippines, Thailand and China.

There's nothing wrong with these members. They can make great future partners. If you're a man seeking an Asian bride then you'll find that the single moms on Asian Love Connections are often very hot, and way more attractive than any woman you could hope to find in your own country.

Marriage Material

Finally we get to the highest quality members on free dating sites - those seeking marriage.

Usually they're older (24+ for women, 28+ for men). They'll have uploaded photos, and written quite a bit in their profile.

They usually log into the site quite often, but not too often (people who are always logged into a dating site could be money lookers).

So that's a quick look at the different types of member you'll see on sites like Asian Love Connections. Whatever type of relationship you're looking for, just focus on the members who will give you what you seek, and ignore all the others.

High Quality Members of Asian Love Connections

Here are some of the higher quality members of Asian Love Connections. Register or login to contact them!

Milbeth, 52

rachel1988, 30

Cookie, 29

PingChen, 39

ribs51, 55

Lida, 44

lheng100884, 34

Rachel09, 40

Amaya, 53

Ella, 27


jenz26, 30

palisoc851, 33

Nicole_Zhang, 31

asiangirl, 35

Teeratha, 52

nanz92, 26

Miam, 28

yuping, 43

bluefeather, 47

gracegirl, 34

Teresa, 39

Minerba, 41

vicky, 31

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