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Geek Dating - Find Your Dream Asian Girlfriend Here!

Hi, I'm Brett, and welcome to Asian Love Connections.

First of all I'll say that I'm both a geek, as well as the software developer behind the Asian Love Connections Asian dating site.

If you're a geek looking for a girlfriend, then you're definitely in the right place!


Because firstly I've put some great geeky functions into this dating site that make it one of the safest sites around. I've spent day and night coding algorithms to keep the scammers off the site, while making sure you're matched up with the hottest Asian girls imaginable!

And secondly, geeks love Asian women! I've never met a geek who hasn't dreamed of finding his own Asian girlfriend.

Thirdly, Asian women love geeks! Geeks usually have pretty decent jobs, and that's usually a big priority for an Asian girl seeking her future husband.

The Asian Girls Who Are Best For Geeks

I guess it's pretty obvious that most geeks love Japanese women. After all Japan is the geek capital of the world.

I myself have spent a fair bit of my earnings from my software developer job on visiting Japan. In fact I've visited Japan four times.

Japanese Girls

While I loved all the geeky technology on display in places like Akihabara, I didn't fail to notice that Japanese girls were very cute indeed. Here's a few photos I took while in Tokyo and neighbouring cities.

Sadly it's actually quite hard to find a Japanese girlfriend. Japan is a fairly small country and it's a long way from anywhere else (especially Europe or the United States). What's more, even Japanese men find it hard to find Japanese girlfriends these days, and they don't even have any problems understanding the culture or the language.

Fear not though, because there are abundant alternatives to Japanese girls!

Chinese Girls

Looks wise, Chinese girls are pretty much identical to Japanese girls. Actually, if anything I reckon Chinese girls are generally even more attractive than your average Japanese girl. This comes from a healthy diet and staying out of the sun wherever possible. Even better is that China's enormously vast population means that there's an awful lot of single Chinese girls out there!

Thai Girls and Filipinas

Thai girls and Filipinas (from the Philippines) are especially numerous online. Girls from both countries tend to be quite dark skinned, and Filipinas in particular tend to have some wonderous curves.

Thailand is an awesome place to visit - maybe you already backpacked round it on a gap year?

Filipinas usually speak fairly good English so they're great to chat to online. Since so many Japanese men and women go to learn English in Manila, Japanese culture is becoming very popular in the Philippines. So it's not too hard to find some sexy Filipinas who are into Cosplay and the wearing of cute Japanese fashions.

One more encouraging thing - the chances of your finding a Filipina or Thai girlfriend are roughly 100%! Yes, you're virtually guaranteed to be able to find a girlfriend in Asia. All you need to work out is how to raise the money to go and visit her in her own country!

Well that's enough talking - time for some action. If you want to find an Asian girlfriend then sign up to Asian Love Connections and get browsing the many profiles on there. Membership is completely free and you can chat to as many girls as you think you can handle. You'll find that Asian girls are incredibly friendly, even if you've never had a girlfriend before!

Good luck!

About the Author

I am , the owner of Asian Love Connections. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, and have dated a number of Asian women.

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