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Japanese Online Dating

Asian Love Connections offers 100% free online dating for both men and women.

I wish I could say that Asian Love Connections offers Japanese dating as well. Japanese men and women are welcome to register, but there aren't a lot of Japanese members on here.

And if you're a Western guy seeking a Japanese wife or girlfriend then your best option is Japan Cupid.

Now I've got that out of the way, what do you need to know about Japanese online dating?

Way back in 2007, I visited Japan for the first time. I saw many things in Japan, but the two things I wanted to take home with me were my hotel's electric toilet, and one of the beautiful Japanese women I'd seen on the streets of Tokyo!

I guess many guys feel the same way as I do, as Japanese girlfriends are highly sought after!

Finding a Japanese Girlfriend

It's not too hard to find a Japanese girlfriend, but it takes a lot of EFFORT.

To chat to Japanese women, try a site like Japan Cupid. You'll need to take out a paid subscription though - you'll get nowhere by only making use of a free standard membership plan. And even with a Gold or Platinum membership plan, you'll have to do most of the chasing. There aren't huge numbers of ladies on there either, and there are certainly less female members on this site compared to Filipino Cupid or Thai Love Links.

Also it requires a lot of MONEY. This is simply because it's expensive to visit Japan, and that is of course the best place to find a Japanese girlfriend in the first place. I was incredibly lucky in that the first time I visited Japan I got over 250 Yen to a UK Pound. After 2008 the exchange rate went to something more like 130 Yen. So that basically means that almost overnight, Japan got twice as expensive for us Brits, and a lot more expensive for most other nationalities to visit.

You'll find that it's hard work trying to woo a Japanese girl. By all accounts you have to put in a lot of effort. Maybe I didn't put in this effort, as I didn't get too much woman success in Japan.

Of course if you want to find a smoking hot Japanese woman, then the effort you'll need to put in will have to be extraordinary.

There's no guarantee of success with Japanese dating either. I've heard many tales of American guys going to teach English in Japan, but not having much success in finding a Japanese wife while they're out there.

Plan B!

So if you want to persist in finding a Japanese wife, then don't let me put you off. However, it's worth considering the alternatives...

Chinese Women

As far as looks go, Chinese women are a very close approximation to Japanese women. In fact, having visited both countries four times each, I have to say that Chinese women have the edge when it comes to looks.

I'm not going to mislead you and say Chinese women are anything like Japanese women. However, I've found the Chinese women I've dated to have really nice, friendly personalities and they've been great company.

One huge advantage of Chinese women is that there are so many women to choose from, and it's many times easier to find a Chinese wife than it is a Japanese wife. Chinese women also seem much more open to the possibility of marrying a foreigner. A foreign husband is very much a status symbol in China, in Japan it's less so.

Other Asian Women

It's even easier to find a Thai or Philippines wife. Of course, Thai or Philippines ladies don't look that similar to Japanese women. However, you'll find that the ladies from either country have really nice and friendly personalities. They're also a lot less spoilt than Japanese or Chinese princesses!

What's more, Thailand and the Philippines have a much lower cost of living than Japan, so your money will go a lot further in either country.

Oh, and it's also worth mentioning South Korea. However, it's not particularly easy to find a Korean bride. There's a slight gender imbalance in Korea, so the most beautiful Korean ladies have plenty of men chasing them!

Below are some single Asian ladies you can chat to for free on Asian Love Connections.

rachel1988, 30

Cookie, 29

lheng100884, 34

Ella, 27


jenz26, 30

palisoc851, 33

Nicole_Zhang, 31

asiangirl, 35

nanz92, 26

Miam, 28

gracegirl, 34

vicky, 31

hana1, 30

daisybebe, 26

haleycheng, 31

Anabel, 32

nenita, 31

Ann, 35

SparklyME, 27

QianQian, 36

mhine, 29

Tin17, 30

EllaNguyen, 31

Remember that many Asian ladies do share aspects that you might like about Japanese culture. Cosplay is pretty popular in the Philippines. In fact, one of the World's best known Cosplayers, Alodia Gosiengfiao is actually from the Philippines.

Tea drinking is of course popular all over Asia. You'll also find that there are exotically beautiful Asian ladies in every Asian country. In fact, why not marry an Asian girl from China, Thailand or the Philippines then take her on the trip of a lifetime to Japan?

About the Author

I am , the owner of Asian Love Connections. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, and have dated a number of Asian women.

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