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Ladyboy Dating - Find a Hot Ladyboy Girlfriend Here

Asian Love Connections prides itself on being one of the few Asian dating websites that make it easier to search for men, women as well as ladyboys.

If you're interested in chatting to ladyboys then on Asian Love Connections it's really easy to search for them. You don't have to worry about searching amongst the male or female members like you on on other sites. On our site the ladyboys are really easy to find. Just sign up and set your requirements to ladyboys!

So here's a brief look at ladyboy dating, and what you need to know if you're interested in this avenue of Asian dating.

Meet Ladyboys!

Here are just some of our ladyboy members' profiles. Click on the photo to see more details of that member. You'll have to register in order to send our members an interest or a message. Don't worry - registration's completely free here and membership is very cheap.

Ladyboys from Different Asian Countries

Most men think that Asian ladyboys are only to be found in Thailand. This isn't the case at all. In fact, ladyboy dating sites like Asian Love Connections and Ladyboy Kisses actually have more ladyboy members from the Philippines than from Thailand.

This is largely due to the fact that Filipino ladyboys have a much better command of the English language. This allows them to sign up to online dating sites in greater numbers.

So when you're seeking a ladyboy for a relationship, don't discount the ladyboys from the Philippines. They're often very cute indeed, and you'll find it much easier to communicate with them online.

There are ladyboys in other Asian countries including Malaysia, China, South Korea and Japan.

I've seen ladyboys in the Shinjuku entertainment district of Tokyo. Japanese ladyboys are very cute indeed. However, unless you speak Japanese or are an expat in Japan it's probably not worth chatting to Japanese ladyboys.

Are there Chinese ladyboys? Most of my Chinese female friends don't think there are, but I'm not too sure about this. Again, unless you're living in China it's probably worth giving Chinese ladyboys a miss.

South Korean ladyboys are again only really worth considering if you're in Korea.

As for Malaysian ladyboys, they're quite numerous online. The downside is that a lot of Internet scams originate from Malaysia. In fact the first two members I had to ban from Asian Love Connections were both from Malaysia. So by all means chat to Malaysian ladyboys online, but be incredibly careful if the talk turns towards money or your personal information.

Advantages of Ladyboy Dating

If you're a guy seeking a medium to long term relationship with a ladyboy then I've got good news for you!

Most men just want ladyboys for one night love (as my Chinese girl friend calls it). So ladyboys will be very welcoming of you if you want a more long term relationship.

If you're a guy seeking a long term relationship with a ladyboy then you'll find there's gonna be a lot of ladyboys interested in you!

Problems With Ladyboy Dating

Obviously depending on where you live, same-gender relationships may be looked down upon or may even be illegal.

Same sex marriages or civil partnerships are becoming more widespread. Nonetheless it's a still a relatively big deal for a man to live in a Western country with his ladyboy partner.

For this reason, most men who want long term relationships with Asian ladyboys tend to move to a ladyboy friendly country like Thailand or the Philippines. In either of these countries you won't arouse much interest if you're a Western guy with a beautiful ladyboy on your arm.

Scammers are another major issue. All those hormonal treatments, body waxes and fabulous shoes don't come cheap! So it's unsurprising that many ladyboys turn to the Internet in search of guys willing to help them out financially.

Really you need to just bear in mind that ladyboys are famously unfaithful, and can be tricky to handle at the best of times. Long distance relationships with ladyboys are particularly risky. If you want a long term relationship with a hot Asian ladyboy then it's better for you to seriously consider moving to somewhere like Manila, Cebu or Chiang Mai.

So if you're a guy interested in chatting to cute ladyboys, then sign up to Asian Love Connections and see what the world of ladyboy dating has to offer you!

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