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Want a Hot Asian Bride? Learn to Compromise!

Asian Love Connections offers you the chance to find your dream Asian bride.

It can, however, be hard to find the right lady for you. One trick you should take a look at is learning to compromise. Here's a few ways where you can compromise in your search for the hottest Asian girl imaginable...


It does cost a fair bit of money to find an Asian bride. A good way to cut costs is to be realistic in your chances of finding a girlfriend from a particular Asian country.

I really liked the idea of finding a Japanese wife. I even went as far as dating a few Japanese women. Yet I didn't have much success here.

Really I should have compromised by looking for a Chinese wife instead.


China has a much larger population (roughly 10x that of Japan), so that's more ladies to begin with.

China is also a much cheaper country to visit, so I could spend a lot more time looking for a bride in China than I could in Japan.

If you want to compromise further, then it's easier to find a Thai bride than it is a Chinese bride. And it's probably even easier still to find a Filipino girlfriend.

Don't think a Filipino girlfriend would be any less of a partner than a Japanese girlfriend would though. If the truth be known I actually think the Chinese women I've dated were far nicer than the Japanese women. Indeed, my mom thinks that Filipinas are the best Asian ladies of all.


Dating is simply down to supply and demand. Hot young women will always be in demand, as will rich men.

If you're prepared to compromise on looks, then you'll find that the average looking girls will pay you a lot more attention. Will they make better wives too? Probably!

I've chatted to a lot of women on dating sites like Chinese Love Links. Those perfect 10's take a lot of chasing. And many times they'll turn you down.

I'll also point out that the girls with the hottest photos here on Asian Love Connections are far more likely to be scammers. So take care when chatting to the very hot girls.

I know that a lot of you guys are pretty sensible though. A lot of the most popular girls on Asian Love Connections are the girl next door types. Seek out these girls, and leave the supermodels to date similarly superficial men.


Obviously human biology plays a cruel trick. The other day I read that only human females have a menopause - females of other species can breed at any time of life.

So if you want to start a family then you really need to look at ladies who are 35 or younger.

These ladies are naturally in big demand, and ladies under the age of 30 especially so.

So if you don't want kids, you're far better off chatting to older Asian women who are in their mid-30's or above. They tend to get a lot less attention than the younger girls, so they'll appreciate your interests all the more.

I'll remind you that older Asian women are still fabulous! Indeed I met the mom of one of the Chinese girls I dated. Wow, she was one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. On top of that her cooking was totally awesome!


Single moms tend to get a lot less interest on Asian dating sites. So it's worth chatting to them.

You know, only the other day I was chatting to a single Chinese mom on Chinese Love Links. I can honestly say she was a perfect 10. If she didn't have baggage, she would be snapped up by the next single guy to come along.

It wouldn't be difficult having a relationship with her. She can't speak much English. And it would be hard to move her and her adorable boy to another country. Maybe she'd be better off finding a husband in her own country. Well, this brings me onto my next point...

Living in Asia

How do you date or marry the hottest Asian women imaginable?

That's simple. The easiest way is to simply move to Asia!

Once there, you'll have the pick of the available single women.

This is an idea I've had for a while, and I'm currently working on it. Options for living in Asia include:

Save up some money, then go live somewhere cheap for a while. Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and parts of China are all a lot cheaper to live in than the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe. Some folk reckon you can live in Asia for $500 a month. I think $1000 is more reasonable, but it all depends on how many Western comforts you don't want to do without.

Get a TEFL or CELTA qualification and go teach English in a country like China. This is a good option if you have a university degree and are a native English speaker.

Find an expat job in a globally important city like Singapore, Hong Kong or Shanghai. This is a good option if you have a white collar job in finance or IT. But remember that countries like China and South Korea are always interested in workers with skills in engineering and other professions. For example, US companies with factories in the far East always like to have a few of their American workers to keep an eye on their Chinese factory operations.

Investigate volunteering options (but don't tell the organisation you want to go to Asia to find a bride!). In the UK VSO is quite well known - they're always interested in hearing from potential volunteers, especially if you have a skill that would be useful in a developing country.

Go study in an Asian university. Did you know that an MBA from a prestigious Chinese university costs less than half it would cost in the UK? Bachelor or Masters degrees are also significantly cheaper. A few Chinese universities now teach in English. If you don't want to study too hard, then you'll find that large numbers of Chinese universities also run Chinese language and cultural appreciation programmes. If you're a younger guy then you might even find you qualify for a scholarship to help fund your time in China.

Ultimately you'll find that the more compromises you're prepared to make, then the easier time you'll have in that search for your special somebody.

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