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Find a Malaysian Bride at Asian Love Connections

Welcome to Asian Love Connections. This site offers 100% free dating for both men and women. On our dating site you'll find many ladies from a wide range of Asian countries.

If you're looking for a Malaysian bride then you might find her here!

Scroll down for some photos of the Malaysian female members we have at Asian Love Connections.

Why Choose a Malaysian Bride?

Malaysia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Asia. Consequently, you'll find Malaysian women come in all shapes and sizes, skin tones and general appearances.

It's also a good place to find a Muslim bride from Asia.

There is a large Chinese ethnic group in Malaysia. Chinese-Malaysians are probably the most desirable brides as far as Western men are concerned. Chinese-Malaysians tend to be fairly well educated and a good match for Western single professional males.

As to Malaysia itself, well Malaysia is slightly easier to visit than the People's Republic itself. The capital, Kuala Lumpur has excellent connections from a wide range of other international airport hubs.

Don't just confine yourself to Kuala Lumpur though. Malaysia has a wide variety of exotic coastal destinations, such as Pengang. It's also worth exploring further down the country to the border with the wealthy city state of Singapore.

Remember as well that Malaysia is split into two distinct geographical regions. Kuala Lumpur is situated in Peninsular Malaysia - the long narrow landmass with Thailand and the top, and Singapore at the tip.

Malaysian Borneo shares that vast tropical island with Indonesia and Brunei.

Malaysian Bride Scams

A warning here - Malaysia is one of the major places from where online dating scams and scammers originate.

Many of the scammers aren't actually Malays, but are of West African origin.

The Malaysian scammers usually pose as men in order to scam women. But you should also be wary of Malaysian female members on this dating site, and any other dating site.

On Asian Love Connections we have a Report a Member feature, so that you can warn us of any members you're worried about. We do also manually review all new members in order to stop many scammers from registering on the site.

Don't let all this talk of scammers put you off finding a Malaysian bride. There really are some terrific Asian ladies on dating sites like Asian Love Connections, but it can take a while to find your ideal bride.

Malaysian Brides at Asian Love Connections

Below are some of our Malaysian female members. To chat to any of these lovely ladies, just sign up to Asian Love Connections for free. Unlike most other Asian dating websites, you don't need to pay to contact the other members!

sanu02, 41

Lola, 48

ashleycute, 29

lcee, 49

elfie, 32

Rose4, 35

xiaoyann, 34

brecthlove, 29

Rubia, 30

If you're disappointed by our selection of Malaysian girls, then remember that we have many more members from other countries. Philippines girls and Thailand girls are particularly numerous on our site. There are also plenty of Vietnamese brides for you to take a look at.

Enjoy your Asian dating experience here at Asian Love Connections!

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I am , the owner of Asian Love Connections. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, and have dated a number of Asian women.

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