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Meet Older Asian Women Here

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So which countries have the best mature women, and what are some of the key issues involved when dating them?

Best Older Asian Women?

Where are the best older Asian women?

I guess this is a good topic of conversation for a bar.

You'll find attractive older women from all the Asian countries there are. The good news is that if you're a Western guy, then you'll have your pick of the available older women in any country, from China to the Philippines. Western men (especially American, Canadian and British men) have a reputation for treating their ladies very well. Sure, this has often been gleaned from Hollywood movies, but it's something you can certainly play up!

I've been to China a number of times and I have to say that Chinese women age very well indeed. I think China is the best place to go if you want a really hot mature Asian bride.

Vietnam is worth a look, although you need to be wary of scams (on dating sites), and corruption (in real life).

For older women with really nice personalities, it's worth checking out the Philippines or Thailand. Women from these countries tend to be more mild than Chinese ladies.

Older Asian Women and the Language Barrier

The youngsters from Asian countries tend to be taught English in school. Learning English is especially popular in China, since a fluent English speaker can get a much better paid job as a result.

I've dated a number of Chinese girls whose grasp of English has put most British school kids to shame!

English isn't so widely spoken in Thailand. And throughout Asia, older women tend not to speak such good English. They can also find it exceedingly difficult to learn English later in life.

As a guy who has dated a Chinese girl who spoke only basic English, I'd say that you shouldn't underestimate the language barrier. It's very tough at times, especially if you're chatting online.

Three ways of busting the language barrier I can recommend are:

  1. Date Filipinas! Most Filipinas speak and write basic English. You'll have no problem understanding what they write in their profiles here on Asian Love Connections, even if it is a little wacky at times!
  2. Go back to college! A year's Mandarin Chinese tuition at a Chinese university will cost less than $3000 a year. Accommodation and food are usually subsidised, so spending a whole year in China could cost you less than you think. And on top of that you'll be able to have your pick of the available local single women.
  3. Find an English speaking lady! I've already mentioned Filipinas. But you'll find it's not too hard to find English speaking Asian women from other countries. The Cupid sites are good places to find them, try Chinese Love Links, Thai Love Links or Vietnam Cupid. The Vietnamese woman who translated Asian Love Connections into Vietnamese spoke fantastic English, so it's possible to find good English speakers from that country, and other Asian countries.


Older women tend to have baggage (as do older guys!).

If the baggage takes the form of kids, then make sure there's a plan for them, especially if you want your bride to live with you in your own country after marriage.

Hopefully if you date an older woman who is in the 45-55 age range then her kids will be grown up and fairly independent.

One type of baggage you should try to avoid are ladies who are still married or who are just separated. There are a fair number of scammers online who are working with their husband/ex-husband to get Western guys to pay for their expensive divorces (usually the lawyers are in on it too). Just don't get involved!

So stick to unmarried or divorced ladies and make sure they really don't have any men in their life apart from you.

It's Hard to Change Your Life

Don't underestimate what a shock it is in your life to start dating someone from another culture. And if you're wanting your new Asian bride to leave her life in Asia and move to the USA, Canada or somewhere else then that's gonna be a huge thing for her to do.

As a 40-something guy I'll also say it's a massive thing to suddenly go off and date women from another continent and culture. Don't rush into things - take your time.

The good news is that if you make the supreme effort required then you can find some truly fabulous single ladies in Asia. I've met a few guys with Asian brides (there's a lot in my town) and they really have been rewarded for that effort. As have I! Oh, I have dated some unbelieveable Asian women. As can you...

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