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I have a lot of time for Plenty of Fish. It was one of the first free dating sites, and it's muscled its way up to be one of the top dating sites, free or paid.

For what you get with a free membership there, it's amazing.

But enough praise for PoF - what you want to know is if it's any good for Asian dating!

Asian Women on PoF

Well I'm a guy seeking an Asian wife myself, so I thought I'd check out to see what PoF had to offer me.

PoF is pretty easy to sign up to, although I did have to do a rather lengthy personality profiling questionnaire. I guess this helps improve the matching algorithms though.

Anyway, after answering those questions, writing a bit about myself and uploading a photo, I was in.

So I did a bit of searching to see if there were any Asian women.

Yay - there were!

I found a lot of Asian women on PoF. A lot!

A nice thing is that unless you live in Antarctica or Easter Island or somewhere, it's quite easy to find Asian women in your local area.

I can tell you that flying off to meet a girl on the other side of the World is seriously expensive! And what if you don't know if you really want a bride from Thailand or China?

Well here local dating comes in. I found dozens of Asian women in my local area, or in my nearest largest city (in my case, London). Nationality-wise, I found Chinese women, Thai women, Japanese women and of course Filipino women.

I can recommend trying out some dates with local Asian women. At least you'll find out if you like Asian women enough to marry one. Just make it apparent to them that you're not sure if they're right for you, but you'd love to meet an Asian woman in your local area, to get to know their culture and language.

Of course it is entirely possible that you could fall in love with an Asian woman who's already living in your own country.

This has many advantages. Obviously you can bypass all the romance scammers by dating somebody in your own country. There's the obvious cash saving. And you don't have to mess around arranging visas for your loved one to come to your country - they're already there!

On the downside, watch out for women who will marry absolutely anyone in order to stay in your country. Women who are living away from home can also be a little untrustworthy. So take things slowly, and build up trust over time.

If you're looking for an Asian girl who's already in your own country, then you're also going to have to do a certain amount of compromising on looks and age difference. An Asian woman in a country like the UK, USA or Canada isn't going to find too much problem in getting a date, so she'll be able to raise her sights a lot more than the women back in Asia. This is simple supply and demand at work, and understanding this is the key to Asian dating.

I'll also mention that there are plenty of Asian women living in Asia who have profiles on Plenty of Fish. If you're interested in Chinese, Thai or Filipino women then you'll find many on PoF. I don't know precise numbers - the search engine on PoF limits you to seeing 600 matching profiles at a time. But I infer from this that there are one heck of a lot of Asian women on PoF.

It's not all good though!

Free dating sites like PoF and its Asian equivalent DateInAsia are full of women who aren't serious about a relationship. So it can take a while to find marriage minded women who truly want a relationship.

For this reason I'll always recommend that if you're a guy who's serious about finding an Asian wife, that you use a subscription site like AsianDating.com or Blossoms. These sites are the absolute best places to find attractive, marriage minded Asian women.

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