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Senior Dating - Time for an Asian Bride?

Dating isn't just for youngsters - it's possible to find love at any age.

Here's what Asian Love Connections offers a man who is interested in the options open to senior daters!

Advantages of Asian Dating for Seniors

First of all it's probably fairly obvious that Asian Love Connections is an Asian dating site. If you're interested in mainstream dating then you're better off at Match.com or Senior Date!

There are a lot of advantages as far as Asian dating go:

  • There's a huge supply of Asian women who are seeking Western husbands. At Asian Love Connections we have over 2000 female members, so that should be quite a few profiles to browse through.
  • Asian women age very well indeed, and you'll find that an Asian wife will look years younger than an equivalent Western or Eastern European woman.
  • Asian women make loving and devoted brides! I've not yet married an Asian lady, but I've been impressed by how well my Asian girlfriends have looked after men when I've gone to visit them in their countries.
  • Western men are popular in Asia! Whether you want to find an Asian bride from China, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines, you'll find that you'll be super popular regardless of your age or physical appearance.
  • If you've got the funds to do so, countries like Thailand offer a great place to retire to!

Avoid Asian Dating Catastrophes!

I'm not going to say it's easy to find an Asian wife - it's not!

It's never easy finding a wife, whichever country you look for one in. But Asian dating has its own particular hazards.

Where most older guys completely lose their minds is choosing to talk to girls who are way too young for them. Forget what you've heard about Asian girls preferring much older men. That's not really true at all. Asian women do prefer their husbands to be a little older, but not 30-40 years older!

You're really better off chatting to the older Asian women. These women get a lot less interest shown in their profiles, and they'll love it when you send them an interest or an email.

And I've got good news for you. Asian women do tend to age very well indeed. I've dated a number of Asian women, and I have to say, some of their moms were also very attractive! Oh, and also much better cooks than their daughters were!

For older guys I'd say that you shouldn't chat to any girl younger than 35. Women in the 40-50 age range are highly recommended.

Of course if you want kids later in life then you can aim for a younger woman. But just realise that this is more risky.

If you intend to retire to Asia then you can also push the age difference up a bit. But here you need to be careful as plenty of men are lured to Thailand and the Philippines by young girls, then end up destitute after all their money is spent or wasted.

As an older guy you'll also find that you're a much bigger target for scammers. I've never had too much problems with scammers on dating sites (well, except for keeping them off this place!), and a lot of that is due to my being under 45.

Older guys do attract more scammers, simply because they're known to have more cash than younger guys. Simple as that.

So please don't go sending money to anyone you meet here at Asian Love Connections, or any other dating site come to think of it.

Finally I'll warn you that older Asian women often have an insatiable appetite for sex. Make sure you can keep up with her demands!

Recommended for Senior Daters

Below are just a few of the lovely Asian ladies you can chat to on Asian Love Connections. I've picked out these ladies as being the types of women who could make good Asian brides for older men.

All of these women claim to speak fluent English, so you won't have too many hassles trying to chat to them. Ha ha ha, I once dated a Chinese woman who spoke very little English, and I spoke no Mandarin Chinese. So I can recommend the English speaking ladies if you want to have an easier Asian dating experience. Not that you'll find the English speakers any less exotic and interesting.

Teresa, 39

mariafe, 50

Ann, 35

jovie06, 37

Katniss76, 42

Lola, 48

ella04, 37

belle, 36

Selinashi, 48

Tearose, 47

cindysimply, 46

F_lalaine, 46

Xian, 40

anika, 39

Ron16, 42

sammi, 39

Irllin, 47

abcd, 36

Isa, 42

badeth, 45

chit, 43

vivian, 42

kia, 36

ida, 47

By the way, Senior dating here is 100% completely free! So you'll save a whole load of money compared to the other dating sites out there.

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