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Are you interested in meeting Thai girls? Here at Asian Love Connections, we offer 100% free Thai dating. Below are just some of our Thai female members who are looking for marriage partners. Maybe they're looking for YOU!

Miam, 28

hana1, 30

Pranee, 40

Rida, 36

Paeng, 30

Mhuy_Mhuy, 33

Nicha, 37

Cherry986, 32

Kanoklak, 39

Chada, 42

Kook, 26

atomromsesy, 40

ThaiKitten, 44

beesexy, 26

Kee, 45

yevon, 30

Ou26, 27

nida, 44

meanie, 39

cloudy, 44

NidJi, 31

loveiam, 39

kartoon, 42

sasi, 45

Thai women have a long history of marrying Western men. It's very common for a Thai woman to have friends or relatives who have married a foreigner. I like this because it means a Thai woman often has a fairly realistic idea of what it's like to be married to a foreign man (and maybe live in a strange country).

Thai girls also tend to have very nice personalities. If there's one fault I find with guys seeking Asian brides is that they're too focused on looks, and on finding that perfect 10. Well I can tell you from running this site and my experiences in dating women in Asia is that on the whole perfect 10's are a pain in the ass. And on this site, the perfect 10's who sign up are far more likely to be scammers. So I'll advise you that if you're marriage minded then it's best to look for an average looking woman with a nice personality.

Incidentally, you'll find that even average looking Asian women have absolutely fantastic figures. It's not hard for any Western man to find a much more attractive bride from Asia than he can hope to win over back in the USA, Canada or Australia.

Alternatives to Thai Girls

If you're a single guy who wants an Asian wife then you're in a very strong position when it comes to potential brides.

Thai girls are great, but why restrict yourself to just one country? Other options include the Philippines, Vietnam and China. If you're after something really exotic, then there's also Thai ladyboy dating to consider!

In terms of choice and accessibility, Philippines women are the best alternative to Thai brides. At Asian Love Connections we have over 1000 single Philippines women to chat to here. And remember that Asian dating is 100% free here!

Philippines women offer a big advantage over Thai women - language. Most of our members from the Philippines can write pretty good English. I manually approve all profiles here and I have to say that it's not hard to understand what a girl is trying to get across in her profile. By contrast, few of our Thai members can speak or write English, and they normally just write their profiles in the Thai language. This makes it a lot hard to communicate with them. It's not impossible though, just hard work.

Both China and Vietnam are good places for a Western guy to find an Asian bride. There are a few Vietnamese women on Asian Love Connections. In terms of looks they're pretty darned hot.

China is a great place to find an Asian wife! I myself have dated many Chinese women. Like Thailand though, the language barrier is often formidable. I'll be honest and say there aren't many Chinese women on Asian Love Connections. If you're serious about meeting Chinese women then the only game in town is Chinese Love Links.

I haven't forgotten about Laos and Cambodia either. Both are geographically close to Thailand, and their ladies are fairly similar to Thai ladies. Unfortunately there aren't huge numbers of women from either country who have Internet access, so it's hard to meet them through an online dating site. Your best bet if you want a Laotian or Cambodian bride is to spend a few months in one or either of these countries, and conduct your bride search on the ground so to speak.

So whether you're interested in finding a Thai bride or a bride from another Asian country, then join our community today and start searching for your dream Asian bride.

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I am , the owner of Asian Love Connections. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, and have dated a number of Asian women.

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