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Meet Vietnamese Women Online Here

Asian Love Connections is a 100% free dating site. On this site you can meet Asian women from a wide range of countries in Asia, including the Philippines, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Vietnamese women are becoming increasingly popular as brides for Western men.

So what's behind this popularity, and what do you need to be aware of when seeking a Vietnamese bride?

Advantages of Dating Vietnamese Women

I guess the biggest advantage of Vietnamese women is that your chances of finding a young an beautiful wife or girlfriend are extremely high in Vietnam. Beauty is subjective, but I know many Western men think Vietnamese women are the most attractive in all of South East Asia.

The Vietnamese language is also a little easier to learn than Thai. The written language is much simpler, and it's vastly easier to pick up than Chinese.

Another great thing about Vietnamese women is that Vietnam is one of the most affordable places to visit in South East Asia. I always recommend that if you're serious about finding an Asian wife that you spend at least 6 months in Asia looking for her. In this respect Vietnam is a great place to hole out for a while. It's dirt cheap, and the weather's pretty good the whole year round. Trust me when I say that China has the worst Winter weather ever!

Vietnamese Dating Site Scammers

One thing I must emphasise is that scams are rife in Vietnam. This has extended into the virtual world, with scammers from Vietnam being incredibly common on dating sites.

I've had to ban a number of accounts set up by people resident in Vietnam, although the numbers of scammers haven't been as great as those originating from Malaysia.

If you are intending to visit Vietnamese ladies, then take great care while you're in Vietnam. Wise up on Vietnamese culture, and ideally try to learn some of the language. If the locals know you're moderately familiar with Vietnam, then you're far less likely to be the victim of a scam. There are many, many tales of Western guys getting ripped off in Vietnam.

Of course it's essential not to send money to anyone you meet on a dating site, whether they're from Vietnam or elsewhere. It doesn't really matter which dating site you use - I've heard plenty of bad things about Vietnam Cupid, and that's by far the most popular Vietnamese dating site that allows Westerners to register.

So, Vietnamese women are well worth considering, especially if beauty is at the top of your list of requirements in a woman.

Just be careful of online and offline scammers as Vietnam is very much a frontier country, where anything goes.

If you're interested in Vietnamese women, then sign up to Asian Love Connections and start chatting to them for free. Unlike other dating sites, we don't charge for men to contact the female members here.

Meet Some of Our Vietnamese Female Members

Below are just some of our Vietnamese members you can meet at Asian Love Connections. Sign up today and chat to them for free!

EllaNguyen, 31

rosy, 23

love747029, 32

Lotus_V, 27

Van2005, 25

cuncuncun, 29

Tuyet_nguyen, 32

Duyennguyen, 30

ngochale, 30

Chau, 35

nancy, 30

rubi, 35

mphuongthao, 30

Bambie, 38

ruby212, 29

mimi, 30

kieutrinh, 28

nhanh, 29

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