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Where Can I Find a Girlfriend?

At Asian Love Connections we offer 100% free online dating for men. Put your credit card away - you don't need one here!

So where can you find a girlfriend from on our dating site?

Our female members are from a wide range of countries. Most however are living in South East Asia. Here's a look at some of the countries our female members are from...

The Philippines

The majority of our female members are from the Philippines. It's really easy to find a Filipino girlfriend. The only thing you'll need is to find the money so you can go visit her.

Filipino women are very friendly, and they love to chat online. Most of our Filipino girls write reasonable English, so you'll be able to chat to them through email. Their spoken English is often better than their written English, so you can also chat to them on webcam software like Skype.

Looks-wise, Filipinas tend to be quite short and very curvy. Most men with Filipina girlfriends are very satisfied that they have taken the trouble to find an exotic girlfriend from such a far away country.

Below are some of our Filipina members. Register for free if you want to send them an interest or an email!


Thailand is another great place to find a girlfriend. Thai girls have fairly mild personalities, so they're a good choice if you don't like fierce women.

Whatever your own age, it's quite easy to find a Thai girlfriend. The main problem is that there aren't huge numbers of English speaking Thai girls. Learn a few words of Thai and you'll find it much easier to communicate with potential girlfriends.

Some of our Thai girls are shown below. If you like what you see, then register for free and you can send emails to the girls who catch your eye...

Miam, 28

hana1, 30

Paeng, 30

Mhuy_Mhuy, 33

Cherry986, 32

Kook, 26

beesexy, 26

yevon, 30

Ou26, 27

NidJi, 31

mookty, 24

Praphasri, 33

somsuksuk, 31

jen_sexy, 33

toktik, 31

wannisa, 31

namekha, 30

Pupae, 24

anny5555, 29

nattakan, 28

pawinee, 33

apple, 33

fongbeer, 25

Kate_bell_kung1993, 25


Chinese girlfriends are very popular, particularly with younger Western guys. I myself have dated a number of Chinese women I've met through online dating sites like Chinese Love Links.

Chinese lady and Western man is a very good match, and invariably this coupling produces some very cute mixed babies. Naturally having both Western and Asian parentage they'll grow up to do very well in school.

It's fairly easy to find a Chinese girlfriend, but you'll find that Chinese girls are generally a lot more picky than their Filipino or Thai sisters. Again, like Thailand, the language barrier is a major issue. I've personally found learning Mandarin Chinese to be easier than I expected. Learning to speak or read Chinese will also impress the pants off any Chinese girls you meet on Asian Love Connections or other Asian dating websites.

If you like the idea of finding a Chinese girlfriend, then you'll need to know about QQ. QQ is China's version of MSN Messenger. Virtually every girl in China uses QQ, and it's available on desktop computers and mobile phones like the iPhone. An English language version is available, and it even has a handy built-in Chinese <-> English translator!


Vietnam is also a great place to find a girlfriend. Vietnamese girls are very attractive.

The downside is that Vietnam is a fairly lawless place, online and offline. Be careful of scams and scammers, whether you're chatting to Vietnamese girls online or actually visiting Vietnam in person.

It could be quite hard work to find a sincere Vietnamese girlfriend. The reward for your hard work will be a very hot Asian girlfriend who will be the envy of all your male friends!


Malaysia is a kind of a less popular destination for finding a girlfriend. A major problem with this country is that there are a large number of internet fraudsters at work in Malaysia.

By all means chat to Malaysian women online, but take great care if this is your country of choice.


Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world, so it ought to be a good place to find a girlfriend! I did once chat to an Indonesian girl online. I was impressed with her exotic beauty, and I was kind of sad that I never actually met her in person.

Unfortunately Indonesia is a long way from Western Europe and North America, so it's an epic journey to visit any Indonesian girls who might take your fancy. Australians have a big geographical advantage though, and there are increasing numbers of Australian men who are marrying girls from Indonesia.

Also be aware that Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, and there are strict rules in many parts of the country that govern relationships between unmarried couples.

So those are some ideas for how to find a girlfriend. Sign up to Asian Love Connections for free today and get chatting to some of our lovely Asian girls!

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