Thai Bargirl Detector

Wondering if the Thai lady you're chatting to is really a bar girl? Use this questionnaire to help uncover the clues .

Your Result

According to the results of our questionnaire, there is a 12% chance that your girl is or has been a bar girl.

What the Scores Mean

0 - 30%
It's unlikely that your Thai girl is a bar girl. But be sure to get to know her better before you commit to a long term relationship.
30 - 59%
Your Thai girl may not be a bar girl, but there are some warning signs there.
60% - 100%
It's quite likely that your Thai girl is a bar girl. Proceed with caution if you're contemplating a long term relationship with her.

More Information

  • Check out this thread in our forum for more information about the clues that you can look for to tell if you're dating a bar girl.
  • Girls who work in bars aren't necessarily "bad" girls, but many men would rather avoid having a relationship with a lady who works or has worked in one of Thailand's many beer bars or adult entertainment venues.
  • If you want to chat about the results for your girl, then register for our free Asian dating discussion board.
  • Worried about bar girls? Then remember there are many other countries from which you can find Asian partners.

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