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Who Can Join Asian Love Connections?

Membership of Asian Love Connections is open to everybody. However, priority is given to:

  • Western men seeking Asian brides.
  • Asian women seeking Western husbands.
  • Western men seeking ladyboy girlfriends.

By Asia I mean China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Members from Malaysia or Indonesia may join, however due to the large numbers of online scams originating from these two countries, only very high quality members from these countries will be granted access.

Men from any country are welcome to join. However, if you're joining from a country known for a large number of Internet scams then you're going to have to submit a very high quality profile.

If you're not in one of these classes of people, then you're less likely to be granted membership. This allows me to keep the site free of scammers and time wasters.

Is Asian Love Connections Completely Free?

Yes, the site is completely free. Aren't you lucky!

Is Asian Love Connections Safe?

Asian Love Connections is designed to not require much in the way of personal information. Emails sent through the site are also secure, and it's entirely up to you how much personal information you reveal to somebody you meet on the site. Note that I DO NOT check to confirm that a member is a genuine person - it is wholly unreasonable to expect a free dating service to do so.

I manually review all profiles before they're added to the site. For reference I delete around 25% of the new member profiles before they're made live. This cuts out the majority of the scammers.

As I'm a Western man, I am very good at spotting the male scammers. I'm less good at spotting the female scammers from Asia (my statistics will tell you that any non-Asian female on an Asian dating site is almost certainly a scammer!). So please, do help me out by reporting any Asian women who ask you for money! This helps us to keep our community clean and safe. As the site uses machine learning techniques, the more scammers that are identified, the easier it becomes to spot suspicious profiles.

I can give no guarantees about any of our ladyboy members. Ladyboy dating *is* inherently high risk, you just need to accept that.

Using the Asian Love Connections Dating Site

How Do I Delete My Profile?

We're sorry you want to leave us! If you want to delete your profile, then go to My Preferences and use the Delete Account option.

How Do Stop Getting Emails from You?

Go to My Preferences and you can turn off the different types of emails the site sends out. Or use the Delete Account option to permanently delete your account.

Why is My Location Incorrect?

Asian Love Connections associates locations of its members by the IP address of the computer or internet device they're using.

Reported location is only around 99% accurate, so you might see some oddities from time to time. Often it only works down to major city level. Hence you'll see a lot of Philippines members logging in from Makati even though they might actually be in one of the smaller suburbs of the Manila metropolitan area.

Given this is an international dating site, precise location shouldn't be too important. Our female members are more interested in your nationality and country of residence, rather than which town or city you live in. If you're a man seeking an Asian wife or girlfriend, then a good ice breaker is to ask a girl you're interested in where she lives, and where her family are from.

Can I Change My Location?

No, at the moment this isn't possible. If people could type in any location then we'd end up with all kinds of locations listed. Scammers would also find it much easier to put any old location in. If you want a full featured Asian dating site with better geographical features, then try these sites.

Where are the Chinese Ladies?

We'll I'd like to know the answer to this question! I have advertised Asian Love Connection in China. There's even a Chinese language version of the site. Unfortunately very few Chinese ladies have joined our community here. Sorry about that!

It is however worth bearing in mind that it is actually a lot harder to find a Chinese wife than it is a wife from Thailand or the Philippines. It's not impossible though! To help you along the way, I recommend that you:

  1. Reading Sam Reeve's guide to understanding Chinese women. Sheesh, I got nowhere with Chinese women until I read this brilliant book! Sam's book will save you a load of time and money, because he'll teach you how to recognise the Chinese women who are very well suited to marrying Western guys.
  2. Join Chinese Love Links - the only Chinese dating site you'll ever need!

Why is My Trust Level So Low?

A unique feature of Asian Love Connections is that all members are awarded a Trust Level. This is a number between 0 and 100. 100 is considered to be the most trustworthy.

A member's trust level depends on many variables including age, location and length of membership of the site.

When you first sign up to the site your Trust Level will be low. Over time it will grow. To improve your own trust score, make sure you upload a photo and fill out all of your profile details. You will also need to be honest when filling out your profile, and be a good online citizen (i.e. don't send spam to other members, or advertise services etc.).

By the way, using a Proxy Server could drastically reduce your Trust Level (and may lead to an outright ban). Proxy Servers are pretty easy for this site to detect, since so many people use them to do bad things online!

Why has my Account been Suspended or Deleted?

I reserve the right to suspend or delete any accounts without warning. See the full Terms & Conditions. In order to keep the membership base high, I delete scammers and spammers as soon as they register. I'll also remove any account using copypasta or creepypasta. Anyone using photos of celebrities will be banned as well, and don't think I don't know my Indonesian actresses or boyband members! I'll also close accounts of anyone uploading photos of children, and yes that includes you uploading a photo of you with your kids.

Our advertisers help support this site and in return they want the site to be family-friendly. Asian ladies are also marriage minded and looking for sensible, long term partners. So anyone uploading adult photos or submitting overly-sexy profile text will have their accounts closed. If you're looking for fun, try an adult dating site.

Most members are banned for being scammers, spammers or for uploading offensive, junk, or adult-themed photos. Here are the guidelines:

Example photos of what should and should not be uploaded to Asian Love Connections

Please don't upload bad photos!

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