Which Asian country's girls are best for you? Let the Girlfriend-O-Matic help you choose.

Asian Girlfriend Finder

Looking for an Asian lady or ladyboy partner? You're in the right place. Here at Asian Love Connections we have thousands of members from across the globe.

Asian Ladies

Looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend? Here's where our female members are from:

The vast majority of our female Asian members are from the Philippines.

We also have smaller numbers of members from Thailand, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The Philippines ladies you'll encounter on Asian Love Connections tend to speak good English and they're very marriage minded.

It can be more problematic to find an Asian bride from one of the other Asian countries. Malaysia and Vietnam are hotbeds of scamming activity - please be exceedingly careful when chatting to people from either of these countries online.

Thai ladies are lovely but they're pretty Westernised these days, plus there's the language barrier to contend with.

Chinese ladies can be exceptionally beautiful, but again there's a signficant language barrier, not to mention huge cultural differences.

Remember you don't necessarily need to travel to Asia in order to find an Asian partner. For example, we have many Asian female members who are living in the Middle East.

Asian Ladyboys

If you're interested in finding an Asian ladyboy girlfriend, then these are the countries our ladyboy members are from:

No real surprises here - if you want an Asian ladyboy girlfriend then you'll have to go to Asia!

The Philippines and Thailand are perhaps the easiest places for Western guys to find ladyboy girlfriends. There are also plenty of ladyboys in countries like Malaysia and India. But really if you want a ladyboy girlfriend, then you need to be booking your flight to Manila or Bangkok.

Asian Guys

Less Western ladies are interested in going to Asia in search of love, but anyway, here's where our Asian men are from:

Asian guys can be found dotted around the globe, but obviously Asia offers the most choice of guys.

More Facts and Figures

If you love data, then here's a complete breakdown of where are members are from.

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