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Worried about dating site scammers? Want to know a little bit more about who you're talking to? Here you'll get access to additional information about each member, including their:

  • Trust Level
  • Quality Score
  • Popularity
  • SFS (Stop Forum Spam) Score

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This is just some of the information that helps us to keep the scammers away from the site, plus sort the serious from the non-serious members.

Trust Level

Each member of Asian Love Connections is assigned a Trust Level. This is a number between 0 and 100. 100 is considered to be the most trustworthy.

A member's trust level depends on many variables including age, location and length of membership of the site. A member's trust level is also reduced if they do something bad, like upload a fake photo, receive warnings, or ask another member for money.

The trust score helps you to decide if you want to contact a member on the site. Generally speaking you should be particularly careful when contacting members with a trust level of below 30. Please don't automatically think you can trust somebody if their trust score is high. A computer cannot determine if somebody is trustworthy, so just use it as a guide. Read our safe dating tips for more information.

To improve your own trust score, make sure you upload a photo and fill out all of your profile details.

If you are marriage minded and want a husband or wife, look for members with a trust score of 50 or above.

Quality Score

What's the Quality Score? Each member of Asian Love Connections is assigned a Quality Score of between 0 and 100. This is an automatically generated value that attempts to determine who the higher quality members of the site are. 100 is the highest Quality Score possible.

Dating sites have three types of members: people seriously looking for a partner, those who are just browsing (maybe they're already married!), and scammers.

Members who are serious about finding a partner will tend to be awarded a much higher quality score than those who just sign up to the site in order to see what's out there. Scammers also get a low quality score.

A major component of a member's quality score is how popular they are with other members!

If you want to improve your own quality score, then log into the site more often, write a good profile, upload a nice photo and send emails to other members if you like their profiles! Your quality score should also increase over time.


The Popularity score shows how popular a member is with other members. It is calculated from a number of wide range of values, including the number of emails, interests and profile views a member has received.

People are naturally drawn to more popular people, so it's useful to know how popular somebody is on a dating site. Just remember that popular people get plenty of interest shown in them, so you'll have to work extra hard to impress them!

Popularity scores range from 0 to 100, with a score of 100 being awarded to the most super popular members. Don't worry if your popularity score is low. It will increase over time, especially if you keep logging into the site and send interests to members you're interested in chatting to.

SFS Score

What's the SFS Score? Asian Love Connections subscribes to the Stop Forum Spam web service. Stop Forum Spam is a collaborative effort to help tackle the huge problem of internet spam and scam activity. Asian Love Connections uses this service to help identify possible scammers and other fraudulent users as soon as they register with the site.

All new member registrations are checked with this service. The SFS Score shown in a member's profile reflects the forum spam score that Stop Forum Spam returns to Asian Love Connections for a given member's IP address and email address.

What does this value tell us? A value of zero shows that the member's email address or computer's IP address is regarded as clean. A value of up to 10 means that there's a possibility that the IP address or email address has been associated with unsocial online activity. A value of more than 10 means that it's very likely that the IP address or email address is tainted.

To make suspect members easier to identify, the SFS score will appear as orange (minor worry) or red (big worry).

I will point out that SFS Scores aren't 100% reliable at identifying scammers. A particular problem is that there are so many Filipino web workers working as comment spammers that they have tainted pretty much every single IP address in the Philippines! On the other hand, don't forget that Filipina money lookers and scammers are fairly numerous on Asian dating sites - take care!

One good thing is that the SFS Score is VERY effective at finding scammers who are using proxy servers located in Western countries to try to mask their true location and identity. Here you'll find that romance scammers are given away because they're sharing proxy server services with thousands of spammers and members of the criminal underworld.

Email is Verified

Shows whether or not a member has verified their email address. A member who has taken the trouble to validate their email address can be considered a bit more serious about finding love through the site. Knowing if somebody has verified their email address also allows you to weed out people registering for dating sites using fake email addresses.

Last Login Location

Last login location shows the country and city from which the member last logged into the site from.

This is very important in that it allows you to make sure the member whose profile you're viewing is really living in the country they say they're from.

Note: last login location is only 99% accurate so you might see some oddities from time to time. Often it only works down to major city level. Hence you'll see a lot of Philippines members logging in from Makati even though they might actually be in one of the smaller suburbs of the Manila metropolitan area.

Beware that it is also possible for the most determined scammers to disguise their last login location.

An important thing to look for in last login location is members who say they are American or from another Western country but they last logged in from an African country like Nigeria. You should also be very careful of members who claim to be Western but who last logged in from Malaysia.

If you're interested in Filipino women then remember that many Filipinas do work overseas. However, you should be very wary of Filipinas living in the Middle East or Africa (unless you also live there of course and can easily visit them in person).

Remember also that people do go on vacation from time to time, so their last login location might be different from their nationality or country!


All members are awarded trophies for various achievements. New trophies are unlocked on a regular basis. Some trophies are good, others are not so good!

Hover over a trophy icon to see what that trophy has been awarded for.

ALC Love Points

ALC Love Points are awarded for helping out the site. Log into the site frequently, upload photos, post trip reports and use other parts of the site, and your ALC Love Points total will increase.

The more ALC Love Points you accumulate, the higher your profile will rank in search results. So you should get a lot more interest shown in your profile as a result.

How do you stack up? The total number of ALC Love Points accumulated by the top ranking member of the site is: 66141.


Profile Approval

If you upload a photo or change the text in your profile then your profile will need to be approved. It may take up to 24 hours for your profile to be approved.

If you have uploaded a photo that isn't you, or you have written something offensive or adult-related in your profile then your profile will not be approved and your account may be closed without warning.


Send Less Emails

If you tick this checkbox then the site won't email any new interests you get from other members. You can still see your interests if you log into the site.

Ticking this checkbox will also mean that you won't get a notification of new email messages from anyone with a trust score of below 30, or anyone who doesn't match your preferred age range or sex you have specified in MyRequirements.

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