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Looking for a man...

Gender woman
Age: 32
Height: 5' 0" (1.52 M)
Weight: 7st 1lb (45 Kg)
Nationality: Philippines
Living in: Philippines
English language level: Good
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Has children: Yes
Wants children: No
Relocate: Yes
Joined date: 16 June 2012
Last login date: 16 June 2012
Last login location [?]: Philippines, Makati
About Cyril: I am single mom,simple person live happy i like to play not pretty but i have a big hurt....and i have a good attitude...
Seeks: Looking for a man Aged 28 - 80
I want to meet here nice man he accept me who i am longterm relationship in marriege...age, distance, weight,height its just damm when u really love someone....
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