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Seeking him that completes me

Gender woman
Age: 35
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 M)
Weight: 7st 3lb (46 Kg)
Nationality: Philippines
Living in: China
English language level: Good
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Has children: No
Wants children: Yes
Relocate: Yes
Joined date: 09 September 2017
Last login date: 26 September
Last login location [?]: China, Guangzhou
About MolinReyes: I am down to earth, love to laugh at myself and funny situations and very much easy to get along with so my friends will tell me, not quick to anger and i enjoy to laugh and be around people that makes me smile and i consider honesty, sincerity and faithfulness a very important part to every successful relationship especially when a man knows his place as the leader and the woman knows her place and they both parties always repects one another, i am very open and sincere and i think that communication is a big part of relationship as i do not have any problem speaking my heart regardless how bitter the truth is and i like swimming, cooking, gardening, baking, fishing and camping and learning new things and watching sports like tennis, badminton and volley ball and my favorite color is white, red and violet
Seeks: Looking for a man Aged 48 - 70
What i am looking for in a man that i will actually give my heart to love, is someone that knows them self and what he wants in life and in a relationship and can appreciate a woman that wants to be submissive and have her opinion heard as she let his man lead in a relationship, and the man will not take her obidience for granted but respect her always as she respects him and he have to be very understanding and not quick to anger and someone that will be open to learn more about me as i will be open to learning more about him and we can both work together on our imperfection in order that we can be perfect for each other and not secretive but do not have any problem to express his feelings and speak his mind
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